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Ro Khanna Slams Nancy Pelosi Over Claim That Call For Feinstein Resignation Is Sexist

Representative Ro Khanna (D-CA) rebuked the former Speaker of the House, Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), for insinuating earlier this week that the request for Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) to resign stemmed from sexism.

Senator Feinstein, who is 89 years old, had been dealing with health complications in recent years and was admitted to the hospital last month after being diagnosed with shingles. She has been undergoing treatment for infections linked to the illness ever since.

In calling for her to resign, Khanna became the leading Democrat to do so, explaining that although Senator Feinstein “has had a lifetime of public service, it is obvious she can no longer fulfill her duties.” He added, “Not speaking out undermines our credibility as elected representatives of the people.”

In response, Pelosi told journalists that she found the circumstances “interesting.” She said, “I don’t know what political agendas are at work that are going after Senator Feinstein in that way. I’ve never seen them go after a man who was sick in the Senate in that way.”

On Thursday, Khanna spoke on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom,” in which he discussed his call for Senator Feinstein’s resignation, stating that although he held her in high regard, “I don’t know any other job where if you’re unable to fulfill your duties, you can continue to have the position.”

“So I think she should do the dignified thing,” he added. “I respect her years of public service, and she should know when it’s time to step aside.”

Khanna, when questioned about Pelosi’s remarks, stated that “This has nothing to do with gender,” and that “I know she’s very much for Adam Schiff getting that seat, but I don’t question people’s political motives.” He said, “This is simply about whether someone can do their jobs.”

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