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Ro Khanna argues Trump campaign set the bar ‘so low’ for Biden’s debate performance – Washington Examiner

The ​summary ⁣is about Rep. Ro Khanna’s⁤ defense of President Joe ‍Biden’s preparedness for an upcoming presidential⁢ debate. On a Fox News show, Khanna addressed internet videos suggesting Biden’s confusion in public, countering ⁣that he recently met Biden ‌and⁣ found him ⁢to be sharp. Khanna believes low‍ expectations​ set by the opposition will lead people to be positively surprised by Biden’s ⁢coherence and command of issues during ⁤the debate.​ Additionally, Khanna hinted at strategies for ‌the debate but‍ the text cuts off before ⁤elaborating on them.

Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) contended Monday that President Joe Biden is fully ready for Thursday’s presidential debate, arguing that the bar has been set low for his performance.

The California congressman was specifically asked about videos shared online that appear to show Biden getting lost in public while raising concerns about Biden’s ability to serve as president. Khanna dismissed these concerns, arguing he just met with the president a couple of weeks ago and saw a man that was “very sharp” during the visit.

“But the American people are going to get to decide in three days, and I think that the Trump campaign has set the bar so low that people are going to be surprised at how coherent the president is and how much of a command he has on the issues,” Khanna said on Fox News’s America Reports.

Regarding Biden’s plan for the debate, Khanna predicted that the president will reference his first term’s record, and he will explain what he plans to do to help middle- and lower-class residents.

Khanna’s assessment about the Trump campaign having low expectations for Biden comes after Gov. Doug Burgum (R-ND) warned people not to underestimate the president at the debate. The governor referenced how Biden “can step up” to the occasion, noting how Biden performed during the 2020 presidential debate and during his recent State of the Union address.


The debate will feature several new rules that candidates must abide by, including no pre-written notes, no public audience, and candidates getting their mics cut when it is not their turn to talk. There will also be just two breaks during the 90-minute debate.

A second presidential debate is scheduled for Sept. 10, with ABC set to host. Vice President Kamala Harris, meanwhile, has accepted an invitation from CBS News to debate Trump’s running mate, with the debate possibly being held on either July 23 or Aug. 13, according to the Biden campaign.

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