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Ritchie Torres is the second Democrat to exit the Congressional Progressive Caucus since the October 7 Hamas attack

New York Congressman Ritchie Torres Leaves Progressive Caucus Following Hamas⁣ Massacre

In a surprising move, New York Democrat Congressman Ritchie Torres has announced his departure from the Congressional Progressive Caucus, becoming the second Democrat to do so ‍since ⁢the devastating Hamas massacre that ‍claimed the lives⁤ of​ 1,200 Israelis on October 7. ⁢This development was first reported by The Intercept.

Torres, a staunch supporter of the state​ of Israel, joins Florida⁣ Democrat⁤ Lois Frankel, who left the caucus in November. According to one ⁤House Democrat, Torres ⁤may⁢ have ‌reached his⁣ breaking point with the controversial group known ‍as “the Squad,” which includes ‌progressive congresswomen like⁢ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar.

The decision to leave‍ the ⁣caucus comes in the wake of the ​Squad’s criticism of Israel following the ‍Hamas​ massacre. Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri⁣ called⁤ for ending‍ aid to Israel,​ while Rep. ‌Ilhan Omar⁣ of Minnesota demanded the termination of what she referred to as “unconditional” military‍ support ‌to ‍the Jewish​ state.

However, Torres ⁢has‌ made it clear ⁢that ⁢he does not ​want to be defined solely in relation to the Squad. In a previous interview with‌ The Gothamist,⁣ he stated, ⁢”I’m not anti-squad, I’m not pro-squad, I refuse to ‍be defined​ in relation to someone ⁢else. I prefer to be defined on ⁣my own terms, based‌ on my own story and ‌my ‍own record.”

Furthermore, Torres⁢ has⁤ been vocal about his ⁤outrage​ at the reaction to the Hamas massacre. ‍He ‍expressed his deep concern⁣ over the open ‌celebration and cheering of the deadliest attack on Jews since the Holocaust. Drawing parallels to the dark history of lynching ⁣in America, he condemned ​the silence​ and​ indifference displayed by leaders and institutions in the ⁣aftermath of‌ the ​tragedy.

According to ⁣Torres, the events of October ‌7 should serve as a wake-up call⁤ for the entire ⁣nation. He called⁢ for a reckoning⁤ with the growing anti-Semitism present in society, urging Americans to confront this issue on social media platforms, college campuses, ⁢and beyond. He ‌emphasized the importance of​ affirming the inherent⁣ dignity and worth of every life, regardless of race or religion.

As Torres takes a stand against‌ the disturbing ​trend of justifying violence ‍and terror under the ‍guise⁤ of‍ “resistance,” he challenges society to reflect on the kind of nation it wants to be. Will America be a society that upholds ⁢moral clarity and nonviolence, or ⁣one ⁤that glorifies and justifies barbaric acts?

​Why did Congressman⁢ Torres join the progressive caucus and what ⁢goals did⁢ he hope to ‌achieve for his⁣ constituents​ and the American people?

Ious statement, he stated that he joined the​ progressive⁢ caucus to advocate for policies that benefit his constituents and ‌the American people. He emphasized the importance of being independent-minded and ⁢representing the diverse voices and interests of his district.

Torres has ‌been an outspoken ⁢advocate for ​Israel and its right ​to self-defense. In response to criticism from the Squad, he has consistently defended Israel’s actions, pointing out ‌that Hamas,‍ a recognized terrorist organization, ​launched thousands of rockets at civilian populations, forcing Israel to respond in order to protect its citizens.

The decision to leave the Congressional Progressive Caucus⁤ was not an easy one ⁤for​ Torres.​ He acknowledged ⁢the valuable work that the caucus has⁢ done in advocating for progressive policies and​ social justice issues. However, he explained‍ that his departure was necessary ‍in ‌order to ‌maintain his principles and stand firmly‌ with Israel.

Torres believes that the‍ Squad’s approach towards Israel is misguided and fails to acknowledge‍ the complexities‍ of the‍ Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He argues that both sides need to be held accountable ‍for their actions and that a peaceful resolution can only be achieved through negotiations and dialogue.

By‌ leaving the progressive caucus,‌ Torres hopes to send⁢ a powerful message that‌ support for Israel and its right to⁤ defend‍ itself should not be compromised. He joins a ⁣growing⁢ number of Democrats who are speaking‌ out against what they perceive as an unfair and biased​ treatment of Israel within their⁣ own party.

The departure of Torres and‌ Frankel from⁢ the Congressional Progressive Caucus raises questions about the direction ⁢of the Democratic Party and its stance towards Israel. It ⁤highlights the divisions that exist⁢ within⁣ the party on this⁣ issue and the challenges faced ​by‍ those who ‍support a strong U.S.-Israel relationship.

As ⁢the Democratic Party continues to grapple with this⁢ issue, it ⁣remains to be seen‌ how it will impact future policy decisions and electoral outcomes. For now, Congressman Ritchie Torres has made ‍his position clear: he stands with Israel,⁢ even if it means leaving ⁤behind the progressive caucus.

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