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Hunter Biden’s foreign dealings pose a risk of further indictment.

Hunter Biden’s Legal Troubles: A Wayward Son

Hunter Biden is currently facing legal challenges on multiple fronts, but the path that led him here has been anything but⁢ ordinary. This week, Attorney General Merrick Garland will‍ face ‌questioning regarding the investigation into President Joe Biden’s son, shining a spotlight on how much Joe knew about his son’s business dealings. In this captivating​ series, Wayward Son, the Washington Examiner will delve into the intriguing journey that brought us ​to ​this point. Part One will⁢ explore how Hunter Biden’s failure to register as⁤ a foreign agent has left him vulnerable to further prosecution.

The Beginning of⁣ Hunter Biden’s Legal Troubles

Hunter Biden’s recent ‍felony gun indictment and impending tax violations may only be the tip ⁢of the iceberg, as the Department of Justice‍ considers bringing criminal charges against the first son for his failure ⁢to register as ​a foreign agent.

During a plea hearing in July, the DOJ made it clear that they could potentially ⁣charge President ​Joe Biden’s son⁢ under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). This was prompted by Hunter Biden’s income from foreign companies, which was revealed in‌ a plea deal related to his gun ⁤and tax crimes.

Leo Wise, a federal prosecutor, confirmed ⁣that Hunter Biden could indeed face a FARA violation. However, a defense attorney disagreed, leading to the collapse of the plea deal.

FARA, a law ‌dating back to the 1930s,‌ was initially created to combat the spread of Nazi and communist propaganda in the United States. It requires Americans working as “agents of a foreign principal” to disclose certain lobbying and public relations work done on behalf of foreign‍ entities.

If convicted of ​willfully failing​ to register as a foreign agent under FARA, an individual could face up to five years in prison, a fine of up ⁢to $250,000,⁤ or‌ both.

Hunter Biden’s involvement with ⁤a Ukrainian energy company and⁢ his interactions with the Obama White House while serving on its ⁢board have raised suspicions. Evidence released by‌ Congress suggests that similar patterns ⁢of business relationships ⁣may ⁢have existed in other countries, including⁤ China, Russia, and Kazakhstan.

Senator Chuck ⁣Grassley has called attention to serious ⁣allegations of Joe and Hunter Biden accepting a multimillion-dollar bribe. He views the recent gun indictment as just the beginning and questions whether FARA⁢ violations, money laundering, and bribery will also be addressed.

Testimonies and​ emails indicate that⁣ Hunter Biden used his connections within the U.S. government‌ to​ benefit his foreign clients, without disclosing this work ⁢to the DOJ.

The⁢ resurgence ⁤of FARA‍ occurred during special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, when several Trump associates ‍were charged with FARA violations. Notably,‍ Paul Manafort and Rick Gates were convicted for similar tax and‍ lobbying offenses. Manafort received a maximum prison sentence of 60 months for ⁤his FARA conviction.

Michael Flynn, a former Trump national security adviser, also admitted to violating⁢ FARA as part of a plea​ agreement. However,⁤ his case was dismissed after ‍being pardoned by Trump.

IRS and‌ FBI whistleblowers have made ⁣accusations that Hunter Biden funneled millions of⁣ dollars through companies associated with him, similar ⁤to the allegations ⁢against Manafort and Gates.

One reason Hunter Biden may have ‍avoided registering as a foreign agent is the potential negative impact ‌it ⁢could ‌have had on his father’s‌ political image. The Oversight aide suggests that it​ would not have looked good for Joe Biden to be speaking out against corruption‌ while his son was associated with corrupt ‌entities.

In addition to his own actions, Hunter‌ Biden arranged‌ for others to advocate for ​Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company, without registering under FARA. This included hiring a Democratic lobbying firm, Blue ‍Star Strategies, to handle outreach to the ​Obama administration ​officials.

Blue Star Strategies aggressively lobbied the State Department on behalf of Ukrainian interests, even ⁣counting the⁢ Ukrainian prosecutor general as a client. However, they did not register ⁤under FARA at the time.⁢ The DOJ has ‍recently investigated their lobbying for Burisma, leading to a belated FARA disclosure.

Concerns have been raised about⁣ the handling ​of the FARA investigation, ‌with allegations that it ‌has been held back. The ‍IRS whistleblower revealed that approval ⁢for a search warrant of‍ Blue ⁣Star Strategies’s emails was denied, hindering the investigation ​into ⁣Hunter Biden’s ‍potential FARA violations.

Despite ⁣the five-year statute of limitations for FARA cases, which‌ would typically exclude Hunter ​Biden’s pre-2018 business activities, prosecutors‍ may ⁣still find a way to pursue charges. The⁤ DOJ ‌reportedly considered forcing Hunter Biden to file retroactive disclosures, similar to what ⁢was done‌ with Blue ⁣Star Strategies, but the failed attempt with Stephen Wynn raises doubts about this option.

Hunter Biden’s connections with ‍the U.S. ambassador to Romania and his involvement in lobbying for a Romanian ‍real estate ‌mogul have also come under scrutiny. Bank records show that he received $3 million from ⁣this arrangement.

Attorney General Merrick Garland, who has faced criticism for⁣ the DOJ’s ​handling of FARA enforcement against Hunter Biden, will be questioned by ⁢the House Judiciary Committee. However, he is likely to adhere to the department’s‌ policy of not discussing ongoing investigations.

What potential implications could the investigation‍ into Hunter Biden ‌have for‌ the ‌Biden family and ⁢the Biden administration?

Favorable for Hunter ​Biden to be officially associated with ⁣foreign entities while his father was serving as Vice President or running for President. This raises questions about whether Joe Biden was aware⁤ of his son’s actions and whether he took‍ any‍ steps to prevent potential ‌conflicts of interest.

As the Attorney ⁤General faces⁤ questioning regarding the investigation⁤ into Hunter ⁤Biden,‍ the spotlight will⁢ be on the level of Joe ⁤Biden’s knowledge about his son’s business dealings. This investigation has‍ the potential to have far-reaching implications for ⁣the Biden family and the Biden ⁣administration.

In the next installment of Wayward Son, we will explore the⁢ potential consequences of Hunter Biden’s⁢ failure to register as ⁣a foreign agent. We will delve into the evidence surrounding ‍his ‍work with​ foreign companies and‌ the allegations of bribery and money laundering. Additionally, we⁣ will examine the similarities ​between Hunter ⁤Biden’s ​legal troubles and those faced ​by‍ Trump associates during⁣ the Mueller investigation.

It is ⁣crucial to bring transparency and accountability ⁣to the‍ forefront of this investigation. The American ‍people deserve to know the truth about Hunter Biden’s actions and the extent ⁤of his ⁤father’s involvement. Only⁤ through ‍a ‍thorough examination of the facts‌ can ⁢we fully understand the impact of these⁤ legal challenges on the Biden administration.

As the legal proceedings continue, it is clear that Hunter Biden’s path has been anything but ordinary. From his involvement with foreign companies to his connections within the⁢ U.S.⁤ government, there ⁢are numerous questions that need to be answered. The American public deserves a‍ full and transparent investigation into these matters, and it is imperative that justice‌ is served accordingly.

Stay tuned for ‌the next installment of ‌Wayward Son,⁤ as we continue‍ to delve into the captivating journey that led us to Hunter Biden’s current legal troubles. The truth⁣ is out there, and it is our duty ⁤to uncover it.

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