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Toni Breidinger, a rising star, is about to make NASCAR history by fulfilling her childhood dreams.

Toni Breidinger: The Trailblazing Racer

At just 24 years old, Toni Breidinger has already made a name for herself as one of the most dominant female racers in the industry. With over a dozen victories in the U.S. Auto Club Western Midget series, one top 10 finish in the ARCA Menards Series East, and nine top 10 finishes in 35 races on the main ARCA Menards Series circuit, Breidinger has proven herself to be a force to be reckoned with on the racetrack. But that’s not all – she also made history as the first Arab American woman to compete on the trucks circuit in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series.

A Trailblazer for Women in Racing

As a woman in a male-dominated sport, Breidinger understands the importance of representation. “To me, it’s really exciting to hopefully be paving the path for the younger girls,” she told Fox News Digital. “I feel excited but, at the same time, I wish I wasn’t the first because I think NASCAR has been around for so long. So, I feel like every time some of us girls are breaking these barriers, all of this stuff I feel like they should have broken a long time ago, it’s kind of like a mixed emotion type of feeling. But I’m really proud to be able to represent the sport.”

And represent the sport she does – not only as a racer, but also as a Victoria’s Secret model. In September 2022, Breidinger announced that she would be joining the lingerie brand’s family, calling it a dream come true. “I’m honored to be part of @victoriassecret family. Thank you for letting me feel confident in my own skin!” she wrote on social media.

A Passion for Racing

But racing wasn’t always on Breidinger’s radar. She and her twin sister, Annie, started racing go-carts at the age of 9 purely for fun. “It was kind of more of a way for my dad to bond with us and have like a father-daughter activity than anything,” she said. But Breidinger quickly fell in love with the sport and told her dad that she wanted to be a race car driver. “He definitely thought it was just going to be a phase. But I stuck with it, and it’s been a long 14-year journey. But here I am.”

And where she is now is just the beginning. Breidinger has her sights set on the highest level of stock car racing, the NASCAR Cup Series, and it’s all part of her five-year plan. But for now, she’s focused on making history and inspiring the next generation of female racers.

  • On Saturday, Breidinger will be racing in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series at Kansas Speedway for the first time
  • She will race for TRICON Garage and drive the No. 1 Victoria’s Secret Toyota Tundra TRD Pro
  • Breidinger will also be driving in the ARCA Menards Series race, the Dawn 150, in the afternoon
  • Both races can be seen on FS1

Toni Breidinger: From Go-Karts to Victoria’s Secret

Toni Breidinger’s love for racing started at a young age when she and her family would share one go-kart and go up for fun every weekend. What started as a father-daughter activity turned into a serious passion for Breidinger, who told her dad that she wanted to be a race car driver. Despite her dad thinking it was just a phase, Breidinger stuck with it and has now been on a 14-year journey to become a professional driver.

Aside from her wins and top finishes in different levels of the sport, one of Breidinger’s biggest accomplishments was becoming a Victoria’s Secret model. In September 2022, she announced that she was going to be a part of the lingerie family, and now she gets to ride in a truck that’s sponsored by the company.

“It’s so crazy. It’s funny because I joke that I manifested it when I was little because I had this journal. And I used to write that I wanna be a race car driver. And I also wrote I want to be a Victoria’s Secret model,” she said. “So, the fact that they both happened, like two worlds colliding, is like so surreal. It’s pretty crazy.”

Proud to Represent Women in Racing

Being one of the few women in the truck series is a proud moment for Breidinger, who believes in the importance of representation. “I’m just proud to stand alongside a brand that really champions women because I feel like, for me, I really believe so much in representation. And I think of so much of females racing in the sport,” she said.

Breidinger added that she puts pressure on herself to do well and be a great representation for females in the sport, especially for younger girls who may be inspired by her. However, she also sees herself as just another driver and doesn’t set herself apart from the others.

Looking ahead, Breidinger has her sights set on getting to the highest level of stock car racing, the NASCAR Cup Series, which is in her five-year plan. For now, she has one more truck race lined up after Kansas and will be doing double duty on Saturday, driving in both the ARCA Menards Series race and the truck race.

It’s clear that Breidinger’s passion for racing and dedication to her craft have taken her far, and with her Victoria’s Secret sponsorship, she’s sure to inspire even more young girls to follow their dreams.

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Celtics Crush 76ers and Spoil Joel Embiid’s MVP Celebration in Game 3

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Key Players

  • Jason Tatum: The Celtics’ star player had an impressive performance, scoring 28 points and grabbing 6 rebounds.
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