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Fox News needs to change, says Harris Faulkner. RIP Fox News.

Fox News Faces Backlash Over Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Agenda

Fox News host Harris Faulkner has come under fire from some fans of the network after suggesting that the company will have to incorporate the left’s diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) agenda into its business model. This has caused concern among viewers who have already seen the network lose almost half its audience after the decision to oust host Tucker Carlson in April. Faulkner’s comments on “Outnumbered” have led to more viewers vowing to leave for good.

As Faulkner discussed the current backlash against Chick-fil-A, she laid no blame on the company for its public commitment to DEI. However, she did suggest that Fox News might no longer have a choice but to let identity politics guide its business practices. Faulkner stated that many states are mandating DEI policies, and that Fox News and other corporations will have to change because the state of New York requires it.

Is Fox News Losing Its Way?

Many people have taken to social media to express their concerns about the prospect of Fox News becoming more “woke” than it already is. Some have even suggested that the network is losing its way and becoming just another mainstream media outlet. One person on Twitter asked why Fox News doesn’t just leave New York, where it has been based since its founding, and where it arguably shows more loyalty to the city than to its viewers.

With cable news being a dying business model in a world that is moving more online each day, Fox News risks losing its audience if it continues to alienate viewers with its DEI agenda. The network has been the go-to network for conservatives since the late 1990s, but it needs to decide whether it wants to stay entrenched in New York or move to a more conservative-friendly location.

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Is Fox News Embracing “Woke” Policies?

According to Harris Faulkner, the network may soon have to embrace “woke” policies that divide people along the lines of skin color and sexuality. However, the bad news is that Fox News’ parent company, Fox Corp., already embraces DEI values and proudly displays them on its website.

In a section on the company website called “Inclusion,” the company states its mission is to elevate women, black Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, and LGBT “pride.”

“Pride’s mission is to cultivate community among FOX LGBTQ+ colleagues and allies, support causes important to the LGBTQ+ community, and foster a work environment where all FOX LGBTQ+ colleagues feel authentic and professionally supported,” the company promises.

It seems that Faulkner’s warning may be a bit late, as Fox News reportedly champions gender transitions in the workplace and is dedicated to “causes important to the LGBTQ+ community.”

What Does This Mean for Fox News?

Some fans may be angered by the network’s embrace of DEI values, but it appears that Fox News is already on board. Faulkner’s warning may be a sign that the network is preparing to make even more changes in this direction.

  • Will Fox News continue to embrace “woke” policies?
  • How will this affect the network’s viewership?
  • What other changes might be in store for Fox News?

Only time will tell, but it seems that the ship has already sailed on this issue.

The Western Journal reached out to Fox News for comment but did not immediately receive a response.

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