Regarding her abuse at the party, Riley receives a rip speech from San Francisco State University.

As we previously reported, All-American swimmer and women’s rights activist Riley Gaines was assaulted and surrounded by a screaming mob of trans-activist students when she went to speak at San Francisco State University. The campus police had to rush her to a room where they were barricaded inside for three hours. She said they were afraid to confront the crowd outside in a truly scary moment. The “activists” were caught on video talking about demanding money for her release. She wasn’t able to leave until the city police finally showed up and were able to free her from the crowd.

Despite the harsh things taken against her, there haven’t been any arrests as of yet, according to the college police department. In fact, Jamillah Moore, Ed., made a remarkable speech. D.,” Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management” at SFSU.

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She expressed her” happy” of them and praised the people” who participated happily.” There was no mention of the mob’s’s murder or condemnation of those things anywhere. If you read that, you’d’d be transported back in time to 2020 and the” most peaceful” BLM riots. She was actually more worried about the students who needed to” heal” after Gaines’ visit than she was about him, who had been assaulted, or the university being so out of control that speakers couldn’t be safe there. She believed that the victims were the awful, ranting fascistic individuals who wanted to silence speech they didn’t like.

Riley Gaines, however, was not having any of that. She declared on Saturday that this wasn’t going to stop her. As she described the terrifying environment to Tucker Carlson, she assured him that she would not be silenced. One of the most surprising things was the police’s’s reaction, and how they resisted doing so out of fear of what the rabble” was capable of.” She added that the parties involved may face” repercussions” and that she would file a lawsuit against them.

Gaines is now mainly responding to Jamillah Moore’s’s announcement.

I apologize if this really said Pleasant. I was attacked, Gaines said. ” I was held for a strange compensation and extorted.” If I wanted to make it home securely, the protesters insisted that I pay them. I was barricaded in a school, so I missed my trip home. She remarked,” We may have different definitions of pleasant.”

Yes. It’s’s interesting how when people on the left are involved, their definition of” peaceful” varies. Even if the person involved is harsh, it is peaceful when it involves someone from the left, and the violence is apparently the fault of the people on the right. Progressive reporters claim that possibly starting fires is” usually peaceful” as the flames engulf the structures above them. Simple words can be harsh and constitute an” abuse” if the individuals in question are not on the left or right.

The ambush, according to Gaines, was” the reverse of pleasant.”

She continued to tweet to Moore about what transpired during the assault on her.

Use of visual language is advised:

How much do they believe they may escape punishment for? One of them can be heard blaming Gaines for their actions against her and saying,” If she didn’t want this, she should not have come here.”

Gaines is fortunate to have survived without suffering any additional harm, and it is regrettable that neither the education nor anyone else has been held accountable as of yet. In terms of any motion she takes, Gaines is aware of where to begin. She had the option of suing a number of individuals here, including the faculty for failing to safeguard her on campus. The education might want to reevaluate its strategy because, at the moment, its effect is only making matters worse for itself.

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