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Report: Oliver Anthony, the artist behind ‘Rich Men North of Richmond,’ earns $40,000 daily.

Music Sensation ⁣Oliver Anthony Rakes in $40,000 a Day ⁣with Hit Song

Prepare to‍ be amazed by the incredible success of music‍ sensation Oliver Anthony and his chart-topping hit, “Rich Men North of Richmond.” This catchy tune, ⁢released on August 11, has‌ taken the music world by storm, dominating popular streaming and downloading ⁣platforms like Spotify and iTunes.

Unprecedented Downloads and Streaming Numbers

In just​ its first‍ week, ‍”Rich Men North of Richmond”‌ was downloaded over 147,000 times on iTunes, generating a staggering $102,000 in revenue. But that’s not all – Anthony is also cashing in on royalties from streaming platforms, earning⁢ a cool 4 cents per stream. According to data collected by Chartmetric, the song is currently being streamed close to 2 million times per day.

A Lucrative Venture for Anthony

With every​ million streams estimated to bring in around $5,000 ​in earnings ⁣for the rights owner, it’s no wonder Oliver Anthony is making a fortune. As Ross Michaels, the co-president and founder of Park Avenue Artists,‌ explains, artists​ typically receive 70% of these funds. However, Anthony’s additional revenue streams from platforms like Patreon and Bandcamp, along with increased streaming numbers, are pushing ⁢his daily earnings to⁤ an astonishing $40,000.

A Voice for the Working Class

“Rich Men North of Richmond”​ has struck a chord​ with millions of‌ working-class individuals who feel oppressed by the elite politicians in Washington, D.C. This anthem gives voice to their ⁤frustrations and sheds light on the control⁤ and manipulation exerted by the wealthy. Anthony’s powerful lyrics‍ resonate deeply: “These rich men north of Richmond / Lord knows they all just want to have total control / Wanna​ know ​what you think / Wanna know‍ what you do / And ‌they don’t think you know, ⁢but I⁣ know that you do. ‘Cause‌ your dollar ‍ain’t s***, and it’s taxed to no end /​ ‘Cause of rich men north of ‌Richmond.”

Oliver Anthony continues to captivate audiences with his latest release, “I Want to Go Home,” ‌which has already garnered over 1 million views on YouTube within hours of its debut.

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