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Rhode Island Judge Thwarts Democrat Agenda, Trump Applauds

Rhode Island‌ Judge ⁤Deals Blow to the Democrat Agenda, Trump⁤ Is Cheering

When it comes to striking former President ⁣Donald Trump from the ballot in 2024, Trump’s opponents keep striking out in court.

On​ Monday, a federal judge in Rhode ⁢Island dismissed a lawsuit‌ that was aiming to keep Ocean State voters from having⁢ the choice of backing ⁢the leading GOP presidential contender in next year’s election.

And Trump’s camp was cheering.

“President Trump remains undefeated in beating back these spurious claims,” campaign spokesman Steven Cheung said in a statement.

“The American people have the unassailable right to vote for the candidate⁢ of their choosing at the ballot box, something the Democrats and their allies driving these cases clearly disagree with.

“President Trump believes the American voters, not the ​courts, should decide who wins next‌ year’s elections and‌ we urge a swift dismissal ‌of all such remaining bogus ballot challenges.”

The decision was ​a blow to ⁤the Republican nuisance candidate who brought the lawsuit ‍— but it was ⁤a bigger blow to the Democratic agenda nationwide.

The Rhode Island case involved ⁣John​ Anthony Castro, a Texas lawyer who is ‍engaged in a quixotic, write-in quest for the presidency and trying to use the court system to⁢ achieve it.

According⁣ to the Journal, U.S. District Judge John J. McConnell — an Obama appointee — ruled Monday that‌ a 1st Circuit Court of Appeals decision in​ a New Hampshire case already had determined that Castro lacked legal standing to challenge Trump’s ballot access.

In that case, the appeals court concluded that “Castro has ‌failed to show that he was a⁢ ‘direct and current competitor’” in the race.

And as New Hampshire goes, so goes Rhode Island.

It’s also the ⁢way court cases trying to get Trump ​kicked off the ballot have been going around the country. As The Washington Times noted, “It’s the fourth court this⁣ month to deliver ‍a ‌setback‌ to anti-Trump activists who are trying to keep the‌ GOP presidential front-runner off state⁣ ballots⁢ in 2024.”

Judges in‍ Colorado, Michigan and‌ Minnesota also have⁣ ruled against efforts to keep Trump supporters from⁤ voting for him in the event he wins the Republican nomination.

(The‌ Colorado case wasn’t ​an outright win ⁢for Trump, though. Judge Sarah Wallace, an appointee of Democratic ‌Gov. Jared Polis, ‍did find that Trump ​engaged in “insurrection” related to the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol incursion, but‍ she‍ concluded that the 14th Amendment that bars insurrectionists from federal office was not written to include the presidency. That question is going to go to the Colorado Supreme Court,​ The New York Times reported last week.)

And all of this is ‌happening while Trump is facing down civil and criminal ‌cases brought by Democratic zealots in New York, Georgia, Florida and Washington, D.C.

As eyeball-glazing as the legal minutiae​ can be, ⁣the key point to remember is that no matter what label these court cases fall under — election-related, civil complaints,‍ criminal indictments — all are just fronts in the legal warfare Democrats⁤ are waging in their deathly fear ​that Trump will somehow return to ‍the presidency.

Leftists aren’t afraid that Trump will‌ damage the country because ⁣his positions are wrong. They’re afraid that Trump’s strength as an individual political figure — channeling the⁣ conservative ‍positions of “America first,”‌ energy independence, strong ‌foreign policy and‍ secure⁣ borders ​— will prove how ⁣right the right actually is.

No matter ⁣what ⁣name is on​ the legal challenge — whether it’s a‍ nobody‌ like Castro, a hack political opportunist like Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, New⁤ York state Attorney General Letitia James, Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney Fani Willis ⁢or special counsel Jack Smith (half attorney, ⁣half political assassin) — the reality is, these are all parts of the Democratic agenda to keep Trump from the presidency.

More importantly, they’re desperate to keep the ideas Trump espouses from becoming⁤ the national norm again.

Trump’s upset victory‌ in 2016 was a lesson in how furious decent Americans are ‌at the depths Democrats have taken the country.

Democrats⁣ are terrified they might be facing that lesson again.

The post Rhode Island Judge Deals Blow to the Democrat Agenda, Trump⁤ Is Cheering ​appeared first ‍on The Western‍ Journal.

How⁢ does ⁣the Rhode Island judge’s ⁤decision reinforce the principle that voters have the ⁢right to choose their preferred candidate regardless of partisan interests

T for a final decision.)

These‍ legal victories for Trump are undoubtedly frustrating for his​ opponents who are desperately trying ⁤to hinder ⁤his political future. But the fact of the matter is that the American people have​ the⁢ right to choose their‌ candidate in ⁤a ‌fair ⁢and ⁢democratic process. The courts, as President Trump rightly pointed ‍out, should ‌not ⁤interfere with this fundamental right.

What⁢ is​ particularly telling about these cases is that they are not just ​isolated incidents. They are part of a wider effort by anti-Trump activists ‍and the Democratic Party to ⁣undermine his chances of running for office again. They are ⁣using the judicial system as a weapon to try to achieve‍ their political agenda.

But the Rhode Island judge’s decision sends a strong‍ message that ⁣these⁢ attempts will not ‌succeed. It reaffirms ​the principle that voters have ‌the right to choose the⁣ candidate they believe ‍is⁣ best ‍suited to lead the country,‌ regardless of partisan​ interests.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that Judge ⁢McConnell, who dismissed ​the lawsuit, was‌ appointed ⁤by former President Obama. This shows that the ⁤decision was⁣ not driven by ‌political ⁤bias, but​ rather ⁤by​ a commitment ‌to upholding the rule of law and protecting ​the integrity⁣ of the electoral process.

The fact that multiple courts across ‌different states have‌ ruled in favor of Trump‍ supporters’ right to vote for their preferred candidate also​ speaks volumes. It demonstrates that these lawsuits are without merit and are merely ‍attempts to suppress the voices of⁢ millions of Americans who⁣ support Trump.

As the 2024 presidential election approaches, it is likely that we will see more desperate attempts to prevent Trump ‌from‍ running or to sabotage his campaign. But ⁢these efforts are ultimately futile.‍ The American people will have the final say in who ⁢becomes their next president, and no⁣ amount of legal maneuvering can change that.

So,‌ while Trump’s opponents may continue to strike out ⁣in court, the American people can take solace in the fact that their right to choose⁢ their preferred candidate ​remains intact. And as⁣ Trump’s camp ‍cheers this latest victory, it is a ​reminder that the fight for democracy and the‍ will of the people ⁢is far from over.

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