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AI tech may influence elections, warn researchers.

Could AI Mislead Voters in the 2024 US Election?

Advancements in AI Applications

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made significant strides in recent years, allowing it to respond to writing prompts in real-time and create lifelike images, videos, and voiceovers known as deep fakes. While these tools have become more convincing, researchers are concerned that they could be used to mislead the voting public and sway the outcomes of elections.

Deceptive Purposes

Generative AI could help campaigns produce targeted campaign emails, texts, and videos, but they could also be used for more deceptive purposes, such as impersonating specific candidates. Researchers have considered scenarios like automated robocalls in a candidate’s voice, telling supporters to vote on the wrong date, or faked audio impersonating an influential public figure.

The Big Leap Forward

The audio and video capabilities of AI have emerged as a big leap forward, according to A.J. Nash, the vice president of intelligence at cybersecurity firm ZeroFox. When used on a large scale and distributed on social platforms, it could have a major impact on the election.

AI Already Spreading Into Politics

AI tools have already been used to impersonate celebrities and political candidates. The trend of using AI to impersonate the voices of U.S. presidents has grown into a running meme, with fake images circulating online. The Republican National Committee (RNC) even released an attack ad that used AI-generated images to depict a hypothetical future in which Biden wins reelection.

The Danger of Deception

The danger of AI deception is that the public could struggle to discern whether they’re getting the truth or a carefully constructed lie. As Oren Etzioni, the founding CEO of the Allen Institute for AI, said, “What if Elon Musk personally calls you and tells you to vote for a certain candidate? A lot of people would listen. But it’s not him.” The potential for AI to mislead voters is a concern that researchers will need to address as the technology continues to advance.

Ways AI Could Be Used to Mislead Voters

  • Automated robocalls in a candidate’s voice, telling supporters to vote on the wrong date
  • Faked newspaper headlines informing readers that a particular candidate had dropped out of the race
  • Faked audio impersonating an influential public figure
  • Plausibly denying an incriminating authentic recording by claiming it was faked

The Bottom Line

While AI has the potential to revolutionize the way campaigns communicate with voters, it also has the potential to be used for deceptive purposes. As the technology continues to advance, researchers will need to address the potential for AI to mislead voters and ensure that the public can discern the truth from a carefully constructed lie.

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