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GOP intensifies pressure on Biden impeachment inquiry and Hunter Biden probe.

House Republicans to Hold First​ Hearing on Impeachment Inquiry into President Joe Biden

House⁢ Republicans are gearing up for their first hearing on the impeachment ​inquiry into President Joe ⁣Biden, scheduled for Thursday.‍ This is just the beginning, ⁢as they plan to conduct several​ behind-closed-doors interviews and depositions in ⁢the coming days and weeks.

The Basis for an Impeachment Inquiry of President Joseph R. Biden, Jr.

The hearing, titled “The Basis for an Impeachment Inquiry⁤ of President Joseph R. Biden, Jr.,”⁣ will be conducted by the House Oversight Committee. It​ will delve into “constitutional and legal questions” surrounding allegations that Biden was improperly involved in his‍ son Hunter Biden’s business dealings, ⁢according to a⁣ committee aide.

The committee has yet to publicly confirm the witnesses for the hearing. However,‌ Chairman James Comer’s ⁢(R-KY) office ​announced plans to subpoena ⁤bank records of two of the president’s immediate family members, Hunter Biden and James Biden.

Comer, along with Reps. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Jason Smith (R-MO), is leading the impeachment‌ inquiry. They ‍are investigating claims ‍that Joe Biden used⁢ his authority as vice president for personal financial gain, as well as allegations of preferential treatment given ‍to Hunter Biden ⁣by the Justice Department during a tax investigation.

Jordan ⁤and Smith are specifically focused on the latter component ‍of the ‌investigation. They have already conducted interviews with FBI officials ⁢and IRS agents, which corroborated parts ‍of the whistleblowers’ ⁣accounts. Transcripts of these interviews obtained by the Washington Examiner revealed that the DOJ’s investigation into Hunter ‌Biden moved‌ slowly and that ⁣U.S. attorneys in Washington, D.C., and California ‍did not collaborate with special counsel David Weiss to bring charges against him.

Jordan has subpoenaed two additional officials from the DOJ’s ‍Tax Division for depositions this ⁣week. The remaining seven officials, ⁢all ⁤from the DOJ, have tentative interview dates. Jordan has been negotiating with the DOJ regarding the conditions for these interviews and has sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland outlining his expectations.

Chairman ‌Comer expressed his⁤ willingness to interview Assistant U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf,⁤ who allegedly obstructed federal investigators in the ‍Hunter Biden case. He also intends to meet with special counsel David ‍Weiss and other key ​figures involved in‍ the investigation.

Negotiations ⁣for the interviews⁤ are ongoing, and ⁢it remains unclear if any of the dates have been finalized. The DOJ has not responded to requests for comment.

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How do Republicans hope⁤ that the impeachment inquiry‌ will help them in the 2022 midterm ‍elections

Blicly release ⁤all the ⁤details of‌ the hearing, but it is expected to include testimony from witness​es,⁢ as well as⁤ presentations of evidence‍ and‍ legal‍ arguments. House Republicans have⁤ been vocal in their criticism of President Biden, accusing him of⁤ abusing his power and ‍engaging in corrupt practices. They ⁢claim that Biden used his position ⁣as Vice President during the Obama administration to benefit his son’s business interests in Ukraine and China.

The impeachment inquiry into President Biden⁤ comes shortly after the Democratic-led House impeached former President Donald Trump twice, ​​and amid escalating ‌tensions between Republicans and Democrats over a ​range of issues regarding ‌policy and governance. House Republicans have ​seized on the allegations against Biden as‌ an opportunity to regain‍ political control and divert attention from the ongoing investigations into the events‌ of January 6th, ⁢when a pro-Trump mob attacked the Capitol.

The‍ Republican-led hearing on ‍the impeachment inquiry is expected to be​ a highly partisan affair, with Republicans seeking ‌to paint President‌ Biden as corrupt and unfit ⁢for office,⁣ while Democrats are likely to argue that‍ the allegations are⁣ baseless and politically motivated. ‌The outcome of the hearing is unlikely to ⁣result​ in the actual impeachment of President Biden, as Democrats ⁣hold a majority in the House and it would require a two-thirds majority vote ⁢in the‌ Senate to remove him from office.

Nevertheless, the hearing serves as ‌a platform for House Republicans to question and ⁤challenge President Biden’s integrity and leadership. It‍ also provides an opportunity for them to ⁤rally their base ⁣and drum up support ahead of the⁢ 2022 midterm elections. Republicans are hopeful that the impeachment inquiry will energize their voter base and help them ⁣win back control of the House​ of Representatives.

While President Biden’s approval ‍ratings remain relatively high for now, the impeachment inquiry‌ could have long-term implications for his presidency.‌ It could weaken ⁣his political standing, undermine public ‌trust, and⁣ hinder‍ his ability to enact⁣ his ⁣legislative agenda.​ The⁣ outcome of the hearing and subsequent investigations into the‍ allegations⁣ against President Biden will likely shape the ​political⁢ landscape and impact the 2022 elections.

The impeachment inquiry into President Biden is yet ‍another chapter in ⁢the ongoing political divide and​ partisan battles that have characterized American politics in recent years.⁣ As the nation grapples with the⁢ challenges⁤ posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, an economic⁣ recovery, racial injustice, and ‌climate ⁢change, the impeachment proceedings only serve to deepen the existing divide and hinder efforts ​to find common ground and ​address these ⁣pressing issues.

It remains to be seen ⁤how the impeachment inquiry ‍will ⁣ultimately unfold and what impact ⁣it will have on the Biden administration⁤ and the nation as a whole. However, one thing‍ is clear – ⁣the political landscape​ will continue to be fraught⁣ with division, as⁤ both parties ‍seek to gain and maintain power in a deeply polarized country.

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