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GOP members support Buttigieg travel transparency amendment

House Republicans and Democrats Reject Amendment on Transportation‌ Secretary’s Travel Reports

Multiple House ‌Republicans joined forces with most House Democrats to⁢ quash an amendment to the Federal Aviation Administration authorization bill. The amendment, proposed by ⁤Rep. Mary Miller (R-IL), aimed to require the Department ‌of Transportation to ⁤provide reports on Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s travel.

The amendment ⁤would‌ have mandated that Congress receive ⁣reports containing the flight records of the Secretary⁣ of Transportation for⁢ any flight on an aircraft ‍owned by the Federal Aviation Administration in the three‌ years prior to the enactment of ‍this Act.

Unfortunately, the vote failed, with a majority of⁢ Republicans opposing⁣ the bill. Reps. Troy Balderson (R-OH), Jack Bergman (R-MI), Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA),​ Garret Graves⁢ (R-LA), Sam Graves (R-MO), David Joyce ‍(R-OH), Jen⁤ Kiggans (R-VA), Marc Molinaro (R-NY),​ and Brandon Williams (R-NY) were among the Republicans who voted against the amendment, joining 209 ‍Democrats.

On the ⁤other hand, three Democrats, Reps. Yadira Caraveo⁢ (D-CO), Ted Lieu (D-CA), and Katie Porter⁤ (D-CA), sided with the remaining 213 Republicans ⁣who voted in favor of the amendment. Notably,​ five members of the House, three Democrats⁢ and​ two Republicans, did ‌not cast a vote‍ on the​ amendment.

Following the vote,‍ Rep. Balderson expressed his‌ intention to change his vote to ⁢support the amendment:

“During ⁢a busy vote‌ series ‌late Wednesday night, Rep. Balderson ⁤inadvertently voted against Rep. Miller’s amendment to‌ shed light on Secretary Buttigieg’s⁢ superfluous⁣ taxpayer-funded travel,” Balderson’s office tweeted on⁢ Thursday.

“Earlier this morning, ‍Rep. Balderson submitted ⁢paperwork to the Clerk of the House⁣ to inform her that his intended vote was ‘AYE,’ in⁣ favor of government‌ transparency and reining in ⁣out-of-control spending.”

The amendment arose in ‍response to reports suggesting that Buttigieg has utilized taxpayer-funded ‍private jets for travel on at least 18 occasions since assuming office in 2021. The Department of Transportation defended Buttigieg, stating that he primarily travels by commercial airline and emphasizes responsible use of taxpayer dollars.

The FAA reauthorization bill was ultimately passed by the House on Thursday, with a vote of 351 to 69. The bill, which will ‍reauthorize for five years, will now proceed to the Senate for consideration.


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