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GOP Wins Special Election, Flipping Recently Democratic District

A Republican Victory in Maine’s House of Representatives

A Maine Republican candidate achieved a remarkable victory in a special election on Tuesday, successfully flipping a seat that had been won by a Democrat in the previous November election.

Abden Simmons, a former state representative, emerged as the winner with an impressive 52 percent of the vote, surpassing Democrat Wendy Pieh’s 48 percent, as reported by News Center Maine. It is worth noting that Pieh is also a former state representative.

Simmons will now take over the role previously held by Democrat Clinton Collamore, representing Bremen, Friendship, Louds Island Township, Waldoboro, and Washington.

Collamore resigned in February after being indicted on charges of violating the Maine Clean Elections Act and forging signatures to collect $14,000 in public campaign funds, according to News Center Maine.

Although Collamore pleaded not guilty to the charges, he pledged to return the campaign funds and his legislative salary, as reported by the news outlet.

Simmons, who works as a clammer and elver fisherman, also serves as a Waldoboro selectman, according to the Bangor Daily News.

A Boost for the Minority Party

While the election outcome may not significantly alter the balance of power in Maine’s State House, with Democrats still outnumbering House Republicans 81-68, along with two additional “liberal-leaning independents,” as reported by the Daily News, it does provide a shot of momentum for the minority party.

The Daily News acknowledged that the election result is a positive development for a minority party that had hoped to flip the House in the previous year’s election but was effectively stalemated by Democrats.

Congratulations and Acknowledgments

Maine Republican Party Chairman Joel Stetkis took to social media to congratulate Simmons on his victory.

“This is massive news for Maine,” Stetkis exclaimed.

He further praised Simmons for his deep community roots and unwavering advocacy for the district’s way of life, which clearly resonated with voters.

Stetkis also expressed gratitude towards the volunteers and local party chairs, emphasizing that this victory exemplifies the reinvigorated, bottom-up, grassroots team effort of Maine Republicans.

Interestingly, Stetkis extended his thanks not only to Simmons and the Republican team but also to the ultra-liberal Democrats, including President Joe Biden and top state legislators, for making the decision an easy one for voters.

“Abden and the Republican team were great, but I’ll also point out that Joe Biden, Janet Mills, Troy Jackson, and Rachel Talbot Ross have consistently proposed and supported far, far left-wing policies,” Stetkis remarked.

He continued, “Mainers in this battleground district today said ENOUGH. Enough of the spending increases, enough of the extreme left-wing agenda in Augusta, enough of the broken promises. And they picked Abden Simmons to deliver this message.”

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