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Republican Study Committee unveils budget with $16 trillion spending cuts.

The Republican Study Committee Releases Bold Budget Proposal

The Republican Study Committee (RSC), the largest ideological caucus in Congress, has unveiled its highly anticipated annual budget proposal. This comprehensive plan aims to cut spending by a staggering $16.3 trillion over the next decade while also taking a firm stance against Democratic policies.

The RSC’s budget is a robust compilation of over 200 conservative priorities. It seeks to rein in spending, reduce taxes, allocate funds for crucial Republican initiatives like border security, challenge “woke” programs and ideologies, and safeguard religious liberties and anti-abortion causes.

Key Highlights of the Budget

  • Restoring spending levels to fiscal 2022
  • House Republicans’ border security measure, H.R. 2
  • Conference’s energy independence legislation, H.R. 1
  • Prohibition of national firearm registry
  • Ban on gender-reassignment surgeries for minors
  • Prevention of Title IX funds for programs allowing biological males to compete against biological females in sports
  • 30 anti-abortion pieces of legislation, including a fetal heartbeat bill and restrictions on federal funding for educational institutions providing abortions

RSC Chairman Kevin Hern (R-OK) proudly declared, “Our values are clearly on display with this budget. We’re protecting life, defending our borders, strengthening our military, cutting taxes for working families, supporting small businesses, saving Medicare and Social Security, unleashing American energy production, and so much more.”

Representative Ben Cline (R-VA), the chairman of the RSC Budget Task Force, emphasized that this budget does not propose any age increases to Medicare. However, it does make adjustments to the retirement age. Starting in 2026, the retirement age would gradually increase by three months per year until it reaches 69 for individuals turning 62 in 2033.

Despite the slim chances of this proposal reaching President Joe Biden’s desk, it serves as a powerful platform for the RSC to communicate its spending priorities and advocate for important social issues. House Republican leadership has committed to bringing the budget to the floor for a vote, demonstrating their dedication to fiscal responsibility and conservative values.

For more details on the RSC’s budget proposal, click here.

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