GOP candidate Francis Suarez defends his Trump endorsement on The View.

Republican Presidential Hopeful Francis Suarez Defends Comments on Trump

Republican presidential hopeful Francis Suarez recently made an appearance on The View to address his previous remarks about former President Donald Trump. The Miami mayor found himself in a discussion about who he would vote for between Trump and current President Joe Biden.

Host Sunny Hostin raised the topic after a cordial start to the segment, during which no one openly disagreed with Suarez. “Now, that doesn’t sound reasonable,” Hostin remarked. “You would vote for a man who’s been impeached twice. You would vote for a man who has two pending criminal indictments. You would vote for a man who Bill Barr said is facing a very damning federal indictment. Do you think these charges of national security are damning?”

Suarez acknowledged the seriousness of the charges before being interrupted by Hostin. “Then why would you vote for him?” she questioned.

With a smile, Suarez responded, “I’m running for president. I want people to vote for me. I’m running to convince every single person in this audience to give me a chance, to give me an opportunity to serve them humbly and make their lives better.”

Co-host Joy Behar suggested that Suarez answered “Trump” to gain support from the former president’s base. Ana Navarro, another host, chimed in, stating that Suarez would have to vote Republican to participate in the Republican National Committee debate stage.

Suarez clarified his stance, saying, “What I’m saying is I would vote for myself. I’m running for president of the United States. I understand that the conversation always gravitates towards the former president. I don’t think that’s good for our country. I think that’s toxic. I think it promotes division.”

It is worth noting that Suarez is the second 2024 Republican candidate to appear on The View, following Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC).


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