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Republican 2024 hopefuls will likely flock to Iowa social conservative summit

Four Republican Presidential⁣ Candidates Set ‍to Address Social Conservatives at Prominent Event

Get ready for an exciting event on November 17th, where four potential Republican presidential candidates will be speaking​ directly to social conservatives. The lineup includes Governor ‍Ron DeSantis of Florida, former South⁢ Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, biotech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, and Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina. However, the big question‌ remains: will former President⁤ Donald Trump make an ‌appearance?

The FAMiLY Leader Foundation’s 2023 presidential Thanksgiving forum is a golden opportunity for these GOP hopefuls to showcase their⁢ commitment​ to social conservatism, just a couple of months before the Iowa caucuses⁢ kick off on January 15th. Social conservatives have always played a crucial role in​ the Iowa caucuses⁢ since the‍ late 1970s.

Importance ⁤of the Iowa Caucuses

While the 2024 Iowa caucuses hold little significance for Democrats, as they have pushed it to the middle ​of their nominating calendar, it is a different story for Republicans. President Joe Biden faces minimal opposition from within his own party, with only Representative Dean Phillips ‌and self-help‍ guru Marianne Williamson vying for ⁤the Democratic nomination. This makes the‍ Republican side of the Iowa caucuses all the⁣ more important.

The Thanksgiving FAMiLY Forum will take place at the Des Moines Marriott ⁢Downtown, located at 700 Grand Ave, Des Moines, Iowa, 50309. The event starts at 3 p.m. Central time. While the final speaker lineup‍ is still being finalized, it ⁣seems unlikely‍ that Trump will be present. The former president has ⁣strategically chosen ⁢his campaign appearances in the 2024 cycle, as polls consistently show⁢ him leading by a⁤ significant margin over his closest competitors, usually ​DeSantis or Haley.

Nevertheless, the event organizers are emphasizing the significance of Republican candidates participating‌ in the forum.

“Truly, this‌ is a one-of-a-kind event,” says FAMiLY Leader Foundation President and CEO Bob Vander Plaats. “The Thanksgiving FAMiLY Forum gives us a chance to see ​what’s ​in the candidates’ ‍hearts, not just​ what’s in their plans. And coming ‍shortly before the holiday ⁣season, it may​ be ‌the last, best chance to really understand ‍what makes these leaders tick before Iowa’s first-in-the-nation caucuses.”

This is not the first​ time ⁢the FAMiLY Leader Foundation has ⁤organized a Republican candidate forum ⁣ahead of the Iowa caucuses. Similar events were held in 2011 and 2015, with the latter season witnessing Trump’s rise as‌ the Republican nominee in 2016.

However, ⁣this ⁤time around, Vander Plaats doesn’t seem enthusiastic about the prospect of Trump becoming the 2024 Republican standard-bearer. He has shown support for Governor DeSantis, even receiving an endorsement from Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds. ​Vander Plaats ‌posted on X, formerly known‍ as Twitter, praising Reynolds and​ expressing confidence in DeSantis as a strong candidate.

Vander Plaats‍ also questions whether Trump truly aligns with the ⁤core values​ of most Iowans, particularly on ⁤issues like‍ abortion. He believes ⁤that Iowa is wide open for the ⁢taking and that Trump’s divisive nature could hinder the GOP’s⁢ chances of winning the White House in⁣ 2024.

Meanwhile, local Republican events⁤ in Iowa and⁣ Nevada are gaining importance for the ⁢2024 presidential hopefuls. These events provide opportunities for candidates to connect‍ with local activists and potential donors. For example, Vivek Ramaswamy is set to headline ⁤a regional reception in Council Bluffs, Iowa, on November 16th.

With the Thanksgiving FAMiLY Forum and other upcoming events, the race for the 2024 ⁤Republican nomination is heating up, and candidates are eager to ‌make their mark.

How does the Thanksgiving FAMiLY Forum provide an opportunity for Republican candidates to directly address⁣ social ⁤conservatives?

G the⁤ importance of the forum and the ‍opportunity it presents for the Republican candidates. They believe that these ‍speeches will allow the candidates to directly address social⁣ conservatives, a key⁤ demographic in ​the Republican Party, and⁤ showcase their dedication to social​ conservatism. This is particularly crucial for the candidates as it comes just a few months before the Iowa caucuses, which have a long history of being influenced by ​social conservatives.

The Iowa caucuses have always held great importance for Republicans, as they ​serve as the first nominating event in the presidential ‍primary season. Unlike the Democrats, who have moved the Iowa caucuses to⁤ a‌ later date in their calendar, ⁤the Republicans still view it as a significant milestone. With minimal opposition for President Biden from within the Democratic Party, the Republican side of the caucuses becomes even more important. It is an opportunity for Republican candidates to gain momentum, support, ⁢and recognition early on in the race.

The Thanksgiving FAMiLY Forum is slated to take place at the Des Moines Marriott Downtown, providing a central location for ​both the ‌candidates and attendees. The event will ‌commence at⁢ 3 p.m. Central time, offering a platform for the candidates to present their views and policies directly to social conservatives. ‌While the final lineup of speakers is ​yet ⁤to be confirmed, it appears unlikely that former President ‍Donald ‍Trump ⁤will be present. Trump has carefully selected his campaign appearances for the ​2024 cycle, as he consistently holds a significant ⁢lead in polls, often surpassing his closest‍ rivals, ⁣Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Trump’s attendance, the‍ organizers of the event are stressing its importance and the unique opportunity it presents for ⁢the candidates. They believe that ‌addressing social ‌conservatives at this forum will allow the candidates to solidify their support ⁣within this crucial demographic. This strategic move would not‌ only benefit the ⁣candidates in the Iowa caucuses but also in the broader race for the Republican nomination.

In conclusion, the FAMiLY ‍Leader Foundation’s 2023 presidential Thanksgiving forum serves as a significant event in the Republican primary race. It provides a platform for four potential presidential candidates to address social conservatives directly and showcase‍ their commitment ‍to social conservatism. With the Iowa caucuses just around the corner, this forum is a crucial opportunity for these candidates to gain momentum and support among this influential demographic. While the presence of former President Donald ⁣Trump remains⁤ uncertain, the organizers are confident in⁢ the value this event holds for the Republican candidates. All eyes⁤ will be on Des Moines on November 17th, as these candidates deliver​ their speeches and vie for the support of ⁤social conservatives.

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