Report: Joe Biden Has Not Offered Aid, Protection To Illegitimate Grandchild Allegedly Receiving Threats

President Joe Biden is reportedly refusing to provide security for his illegitimate grandchild, an Arkansas girl who is the daughter of Biden’s son, Hunter, and Lunden Roberts.

Roberts has reportedly received numerous threats against her and her daughter from Roberts’ ex-fiancé, amateur MMA fighter Princeton Foster. Roberts has filed for a court order of protection against Foster. A friend of Roberts told the Daily Mail the president has neither sought to provide security for nor reached out to check on his granddaughter or Roberts.

The president is aware of Roberts’ situation, according to Daily Mail. The White House did not immediately return The Daily Wire’s request for comment.

“The president frequently talks about his love and pride for his grandchildren. But if he really cared for every member of his family he would have done something by now,” said Roberts’ friend. “The Secret Service would act at the drop of a dime if someone threatened any of the other Biden kids – but it’s like [Roberts’ and Hunter’s daughter] Navy Joan doesn’t matter.”

Roberts “is doing everything she needs to do to keep her daughter safe – without or without the Bidens’ help,” the friend added.

In her request for a protection order, Roberts detailed numerous threats that Foster allegedly made against her and her daughter. Roberts and Foster began dating in 2018 and were engaged in 2019 and moved in together. Roberts left Foster the next year allegedly over the MMA fighter’s drinking and drug abuse.

Foster “claimed he was one of God’s prophets and him and my daughter are going to heaven,” she wrote, according to the Daily Mail.

Roberts said that Foster has become increasingly threatening toward her and her daughter, adding that he called her phone and left numerous messages in recent months.

“He was also continually calling and we were recording the audios of him screaming (like the Joker) saying he was on his way with his MMA friend to fight whatever guy I was with, using racial slurs and in one recorded audio you can hear him scream ‘I’m on my way – I’m going to scalp your f***ing head,” Roberts wrote.

“I need this order because I am scared of what Princeton might do to me and my daughter … I am also aware he carries a firearm daily,” Roberts said.

On May 13, Foster allegedly confronted Roberts inside a restaurant demanding to see “my daughter” and yelling “I will f*** you up.” Later that night, Roberts says she heard a banging on her door and she took cover behind a couch with a gun.

“I yelled to ‘get down’ where we hid behind furniture in fear he would open fire since I’m aware he carries a weapon … I’ve never been this scared in my life. I grabbed my gun prepared to defend us if he were in the house,” Roberts wrote. “We could also hear him screaming, shouting profanity while jiggling door handles. We knew he was outside but it just stopped. The police showed up within seconds. He got away. We told them everything.”

Roberts said afterward she found a dent in her car where it had been “punched” and the wires to her outdoor security cameras cut. She said one of the tires on her friend’s car had been slit with a knife.

“Although this isn’t the first crazy incident in the last couple months, it was the first time in my life I thought I was going to have to shoot someone or I was going to be killed,” she added. “After seeing me sitting with a guy he was enraged and I truly believe he came to my home to be violent – with intentions of hurting me or someone else.”

Roberts’ daughter Navy Joan was born in August 2018. In May 2019, Roberts sued Hunter Biden to pay child support for his daughter and Joe Biden’s granddaughter. At the time, Hunter denied that Navy Joan was his biological daughter until forced by court order to take a paternity test that the judge in the case later said showed “with near scientific certainty” Hunter Biden to be the father.

Biden settled the case with Roberts in January 2020, days before he was scheduled for a mandatory court appearance over the paternity case. Biden agreed to pay child support, including retroactively through November 2018.

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