Brothels Allegedly Earned ‘Huge’ Profits Hosting Politicians and Military Personnel

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OAN’s Geraldyn Berry
10:46 AM – Friday, November 24, 2023

Affluent Brothel Operation Allegedly Earned Over $1 Million in Revenue

A leading federal investigator has revealed that the trio ‍accused of overseeing brothels in Massachusetts and Washington, D.C.,‌ reportedly catering to influential patrons, including political​ and military⁢ figures, generated a⁢ revenue exceeding one million dollars from the venture in the past year.


The individuals implicated in the⁢ operation, namely James‍ Lee from California, and Han⁣ Lee and Junmyung Lee‍ from Massachusetts, allegedly amassed the⁤ substantial sum by operating the service from upscale apartments in Massachusetts and ‌the suburbs of Washington, D.C., starting in 2020. According to an affidavit presented to the U.S. District Court⁣ for the District of Massachusetts by the Department of Homeland Security, the defendants meticulously maintained “impeccable”​ records detailing the financial transactions of⁣ the operation.

“I do not believe that HAN has legitimate employment⁢ but​ I ‌do‌ believe‌ she has made an astounding amount ‌of money running her prostitution business over ⁢the last several years,” DHS ‍Special Agent‍ Zachary Mitlitsky⁤ wrote, referencing the alleged ringleader of the‌ operation.

The⁢ affidavit noted that between December 2019 and October 2023, two of Han Lee’s⁤ bank accounts, primarily dealing in cash,⁢ accrued $965,000. Additionally, there is a suspicion that she may have access to other foreign accounts.

Earlier this‍ month, ‌the Department⁢ of Justice (DOJ) pressed charges against‍ the ⁢trio following the dismantling of the operation. If convicted, they could face maximum penalties of up to ⁣20 years in prison, three years of supervised release, and fines of up to $250,000.

The D.C.-area brothels, according to prosecutors, ⁣were situated in apartment complexes in Fairfax and Tysons,‌ Virginia. The defendants allegedly leased these⁢ apartments, covering the transportation and ​flights for the prostitutes to these locations. The prosecution further claims that the ⁢defendants advertised prostitution services at ‍rates ranging from $350 to $600, ⁣requiring solicitors to provide extensive personal information, including full name, birth date, credit card details, employer information, and websites. A‌ “reference if they have one” was also mandated.

“Some of‍ these‍ professional disciplines included, but are not limited to, politicians, pharmaceutical executives,‍ doctors, military officers, government contractors that possess security ​clearances, professors, ​lawyers, business executives, technology company executives, ‍scientists, accountants, ‍retail employees, and students,” prosecutors said.

An investigator stated, “There could be hundreds of unidentified customers, potentially encompassing professional‌ disciplines beyond those listed above.”

The DOJ, however, has not provided additional information about the clientele at this time.

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What‍ were the charges ⁤brought against the individuals involved in the ⁣alleged ⁢affluent‍ brothel operation?

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The Investigation and Charges

The investigation into the alleged affluent brothel operation‍ was carried‍ out by the Department of Homeland Security, which⁣ presented an affidavit to the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts.⁤ The​ affidavit revealed that James Lee from California, and Han ⁤Lee and Junmyung Lee from Massachusetts,⁤ operated upscale brothels in Massachusetts and the suburbs of Washington, D.C.

The defendants allegedly generated a revenue exceeding one million dollars from the operation in the past year. They meticulously maintained records of the financial transactions, which were described as “impeccable”​​ ⁤by the Department of‌ Homeland Security.

DHS ‍Special Agent Zachary Mitlitsky‌ expressed his belief that‌ Han Lee, the alleged ⁢ringleader of the operation, has made a ‌substantial amount of money from running her prostitution‍ business over the ‍last several years. The affidavit revealed that Han Lee’s bank accounts⁤ accumulated $965,000 between December⁢ 2019 and October 2023, primarily in cash.

As a result ​of the investigation, the Department of⁣ Justice pressed⁣ charges against the ‌trio. If convicted, they could face⁢ maximum penalties of up to 20 ⁤years in ‌prison, three years⁢ of supervised release, and⁤ fines of up to $250,000.

The Operation and⁢ Clients

The D.C.-area ⁣brothels were located in apartment complexes in Fairfax and Tysons, ⁢Virginia. The defendants⁣ leased⁢ these apartments and covered the transportation and flights for the prostitutes to these locations. They advertised prostitution services at rates ranging from $350 to $600 and required solicitors to provide​ extensive personal information, including ​full name, birth date, credit card details, employer information, and‍ websites. They also required references‍ if available.

Prosecutors revealed that the clientele included individuals ‍from various ⁢professional disciplines ‍such as politicians, pharmaceutical executives, doctors, military officers, government contractors with security clearances, professors, lawyers, business executives, technology company ‌executives, scientists, accountants, ⁢retail employees,⁤ and students. They also stated that there could be hundreds of unidentified customers encompassing professional ⁤disciplines beyond those listed.

However, the Department of Justice has not provided further information about the clientele involved in the operation at ‍this time.


The revelation of an alleged affluent brothel operation earning over $1 million in revenue‍ has sparked significant attention.‌ The ⁣investigation conducted by the Department of Homeland Security and the subsequent charges pressed by the Department of ⁢Justice highlight the law enforcement ‍agencies’ commitment to combating illegal activities.

As the case proceeds,‍ more details about the operation and its clients may ​emerge, shedding⁢ light ⁤on the extent of the ⁤illicit⁣ activities and the individuals involved. The consequences faced by the defendants, if convicted, serve as a⁤ reminder of ⁣the penalties associated with engaging in illegal operations.

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