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Rep. Santos denies new fraud charges.

Rep. George⁤ Santos Pleads ‌Not Guilty⁢ to New⁣ Charges of Fraud

Rep. George Santos‍ (R-N.Y.) has entered a plea of ⁣not guilty to⁢ 10 additional charges of ⁤fraud, including the ‌unauthorized use of campaign supporters’ credit cards​ for extravagant purchases totaling tens of⁤ thousands of dollars. ⁣The plea was made on his ⁤behalf by ‌his attorney at a Long Island courthouse‌ on Oct. 27.

The 10 charges were revealed in a⁢ superseding indictment filed on Oct. 10, bringing the total number of indictments against Santos to 23, with 13 ⁤filed earlier this year.

Among the charges⁢ Santos faces‌ are conspiracy to commit⁤ offenses against the ⁣United States, wire fraud, making‌ false statements to the Federal Election‌ Commission (FEC), falsification of records submitted ⁣to⁤ the FEC, aggravated‌ identity theft, and access device fraud. ‍You can find the full list of charges in the pdf.

In May, Santos pleaded not guilty to⁢ 13 federal charges, including wire⁣ fraud, money laundering, theft from the public treasury, and making‌ false statements to⁤ Congress.

Prior to his court appearance, some of Santos’s fellow New ​York Republican colleagues intensified their⁢ campaign to⁣ have him expelled from Congress.

As he left the courthouse, Santos ‌ignored the media but acknowledged a group of ⁣protesters ‌across the street by smiling and‌ waving at ⁤them.

Despite ‌calls for his resignation, Santos ⁤has continued to represent his New York district in ‌Congress.

Rep. ‍Anthony D’Esposito, along with four other New York ⁢Republicans,‌ submitted a motion‍ to‍ eject Santos ‌from the House, citing his unfitness ‌to represent his voters. Former‍ House ‌Speaker Kevin⁤ McCarthy endorsed an investigation into ‌Santos’s actions by the Ethics Committee when the charges⁢ were first brought against him.

Newly elected House Speaker Mike Johnson addressed the potential expulsion of⁤ Santos ‍during‍ an interview with ‍Fox News’s Sean Hannity, stating that the decision may hinge‍ on the ‍majority in ‌the House.

“Here’s the reality: we have a ‍four-seat majority in the​ House, it is possible that ‍that number may be reduced even⁣ more in the coming weeks ⁣and ‍months,” said Johnson. ​”And so we’ll‌ have what may be the most razor-thin majority in the ‌history ‍of the Congress. We have no margin for error.

“And so George Santos is​ due due process, right? ⁢My understanding is I think he’s​ appearing ⁣in a federal court tomorrow, ⁣and we have to allow ⁤the process to play itself out. That’s ​what our system of justice⁣ is for.”

Johnson ‌emphasized that Santos is “not convicted” and has only been charged with the crimes,‍ highlighting the importance of not expelling individuals from Congress ‍solely based on​ charges.

The Epoch Times reached out to Santos’s office for comment, but there was no immediate response.

The⁢ Associated​ Press contributed to this report.

What potential consequences could Santos face if found guilty of ‍the charges against him

O federal authorities. The charges​ stemmed from allegations that Santos used campaign funds for‍ personal expenses and made false statements to cover ‌up ‍his actions. The new charges add to the already⁣ substantial list of allegations​ against the congressman.

According to​ the‌ superseding indictment, Santos is accused of using campaign supporters’ credit cards without authorization⁤ to⁤ make extravagant purchases totaling tens of ‍thousands of dollars. These purchases included luxury ‍items and personal expenses unrelated to⁢ his campaign activities. The unauthorized use of campaign funds​ for personal gain is a ‍serious offense ⁤and represents a breach ⁤of trust with his supporters.

The plea of not guilty entered by Santos raises questions about his defense strategy⁤ and the ⁢evidence that will be presented in court. It will be up to the prosecution to prove ⁤his guilt ​beyond a reasonable doubt, while Santos and his attorney will likely attempt to cast doubt on the validity​ of the charges and present alternative explanations for his actions.

The indictment brings the total number of⁤ charges against Santos to 23, with ‍13 initially filed earlier this ⁤year. The expanding list‍ of charges‌ indicates the gravity of the allegations against him and suggests that the authorities are building a strong⁤ case.

In addition to fraud-related charges, Santos also faces accusations of making false statements to the Federal Election Commission and falsifying records submitted to the FEC. These charges highlight the⁢ importance of ⁤transparency and honesty in campaign finance reporting.

The case‍ against Santos has attracted significant attention‌ and scrutiny, particularly due to his position as ‌a United States representative. ‍The allegations of fraud and misuse of campaign ‍funds undermine the⁣ public’s trust in elected officials and raise concerns about corruption and ethical conduct.

If found guilty, ⁣Santos could face severe‌ consequences, including imprisonment,⁣ fines, and the potential ⁣loss of his political career. The‌ legal ‍process​ will determine his fate, and it is essential for justice to be served.

As​ the trial⁤ progresses, ⁢it will

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