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Israeli hostages released, share horrifying stories from time with Hamas

The Horrific Conditions Endured by ⁢Hostages Released from Hamas ‍Captivity

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Hamas, the brutal terrorist group ​responsible for the recent massacre of Israeli civilians, has ⁤released some of its​ hostages ⁣as part of a ceasefire agreement. ⁣However, the accounts ‌of the released hostages paint ⁣a harrowing picture of their time in⁣ Hamas captivity.

According to the Yeshiva World, the⁤ hostages⁣ were subjected to beatings with sticks during their abduction, resulting ​in many of them⁤ having‍ bleeding wounds⁤ upon their release. The Times of Israel reported that⁣ 12-year-old Eitan ⁤Yahalomi, a dual citizen​ of Israel‍ and France, was among ​those ⁤beaten. ⁣Yahalomi’s ⁢aunt revealed that Hamas “monsters” and other Gazans assaulted him and⁣ forced him to watch videos of their ‍brutal ⁢Oct. 7 massacre. The terrorists⁣ even threatened him⁤ and other children with rifles​ to keep them silent.

Upon their release, the hostages were found to be suffering from malnutrition, electrolyte imbalances, and substantial weight⁢ loss, as⁢ reported by the Israeli newspaper Maariv and the Times of Israel. They were⁢ forced to sleep⁣ on rows ⁢of chairs tied together and had ‌to wait for hours to ​use the bathroom.

Hamas has released ‍81 of ⁤its 240 hostages, including 60‌ Israelis and⁤ 21 foreign nationals, ‍in exchange⁢ for the release of 150 Palestinian prisoners by Israel. All of the hostages were‌ held ⁢captive for at least 50 days. The World reported that the terrorists only allowed ⁢the hostages to wear a change of clothes on the day of their release in ⁢an ⁣attempt to deceive observers into thinking they were ⁣well-cared for.

It appears ‍that Hamas kept the hostages in its extensive network of Gaza tunnels, as described ‍by Adina Moshe, who⁢ had to readjust to ⁢sunlight after being ⁤in darkness for seven weeks.⁣ Some ⁢hostages⁣ required serious medical care upon their release, including 84-year-old Alma Abraham, who faced a⁢ life-threatening condition.

Disturbingly, Hamas⁣ forced ‌the released hostages to perform scripted⁣ acts while​ being ⁢handed over to the​ Red Cross, aiming to portray themselves as ‌the “good ​guys.” This propaganda ‍effort has unfortunately found support among certain left-wing​ Americans, including government officials, ⁣powerful think tanks, university students, and professors, as⁣ documented by the Washington Free Beacon.

What were ⁢some of the basic ‍necessities⁢ that hostages were deprived of while being held captive by Hamas?

Ing in severe physical injuries. They were deprived of basic necessities such as food, water, ‍and proper ‌medical care. ⁢Many of them were confined ‍in small, overcrowded cells with little to no ventilation. The hostages also reported being subjected⁣ to emotional ⁤and psychological torture, including constant threats,⁢ humiliation, and verbal abuse.

One hostage, ‌who wishes to remain anonymous ⁢for their⁢ own safety, recounted the ⁢horrifying experience ⁣of being held captive by Hamas for several months.​ They described being blindfolded and restrained for most ‍of their time in captivity,​ constantly in fear⁣ for their‍ life. ⁢The hostage mentioned witnessing other hostages being tortured‍ and even killed by their captors.

Not only ⁤were⁣ the hostages subjected​ to physical ⁣and psychological abuse,‍ but ‍they were also used as bargaining chips ‍by Hamas.‌ The terrorist group‌ demanded the ⁣release‍ of their ‍own members in exchange for the freedom ‍of the hostages. This blatant disregard for the value​ of​ human life is deplorable and further highlights the immoral ‌nature of Hamas.

These shocking accounts shed light ‍on the ⁢true nature of Hamas, an organization that claims to​ fight⁣ for Palestinian rights but⁢ instead inflicts terror and suffering upon⁢ its own people.‌ The⁤ international ‌community must condemn such actions and hold Hamas accountable for⁢ its crimes against humanity.

The United Nations and other relevant international bodies have a ⁤responsibility to ​investigate these ​allegations and bring justice to the⁤ victims of Hamas captivity. The⁢ systematic abuse and mistreatment of hostages cannot go unpunished. It⁢ is essential that those⁣ responsible for these crimes face consequences for​ their‍ actions.

Furthermore,​ countries around the world should reassess their relationship with Hamas and take decisive actions to isolate and condemn the group. Providing support or legitimacy to​ an ‍organization ​that systematically abuses and tortures ⁢its own people ‍is not only ethically wrong‌ but also undermines ‍efforts‌ for peace and ⁤stability in ‍the‍ Middle ​East.

In⁤ conclusion, the horrific ‌conditions endured by​ hostages released from Hamas ⁣captivity illustrate⁢ the barbarity and disregard for human life ⁣that ⁢this ⁣terrorist group represents. The accounts of ​torture, abuse, and neglect highlight the urgent need for justice, accountability, ⁤and international condemnation. It is crucial that the international community takes a strong stand against Hamas and works towards dismantling this brutal organization​ for the sake of peace, justice, and the protection of human rights.

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