Alarming Increase in Migrants and Terrorists at Southern Border.

OAN’s Alicia Summers
3:15 PM – Monday, October 23, 2023

A record-breaking surge⁣ of⁢ nearly 270,000 migrant encounters was reported at the ⁢Southern Border in⁢ September, marking the highest-ever ​monthly total. This also⁢ sets a third consecutive fiscal year ⁢record, with over 2.4 million migrant encounters in 2023.

Additionally, 18 individuals on the terror watch ‍list were encountered last month, ‍adding to a record-breaking fiscal year total of 169 apprehensions. Bianca ​Garcia, running for⁢ Texas Representative District 128, ​joins OAN’s Alicia Summers to discuss.

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A record-breaking‍ surge of ‌nearly 270,000 ⁢migrant⁣ encounters ‌was reported at the Southern ‌Border in September, marking the ‌highest-ever monthly total.

Social media sites are being flooded with misinformation, anti-Semitism, ⁤and false narratives following Hamas’s deadly attacks on Israel.

There is ⁣an event ⁢that’s taking place in California that ‌encourages Americans to take‌ control of⁢ their health by reclaiming food and medicine.

As time goes by, more and more information comes to light about Joe Biden and his past business dealings.

Elon Musk said ⁣the social media platform​ X⁤ will soon launch two new tiers of premium subscriptions.

Bitcoin jumped on Friday above $30,000⁣ for first time⁢ since July, ​taking‌ gains for the week⁣ past 10%.

Meta ⁢and TikTok have been given a week to provide details⁣ on⁢ measures‍ taken to counter the ⁣spread of terrorist, violent ⁣content and hate speech on ⁤their platforms.

Netflix increased subscription prices for some streaming plans as it shattered expectations‍ for new customers.


What are the potential implications and ⁤solutions discussed by ⁤Bianca Garcia, a candidate running for Texas Representative District⁢ 128, regarding the surge at the Southern Border

Record-Breaking‍ Surge at the‌ Southern Border

Published by OAN’s ⁣Alicia Summers – 3:15​ PM, Monday, October 23, ⁤2023

A record-breaking surge of nearly 270,000 migrant encounters was⁤ reported at the Southern ⁤Border ​in September, marking the highest-ever‌ monthly‍ total. This also‌ sets ‌a third consecutive fiscal year record, with over 2.4‍ million⁢ migrant encounters ‍in⁢ 2023.

Furthermore, during the ⁣same month, 18 individuals on the terror watchlist ​were⁢ encountered at the border, contributing⁢ to a record-breaking fiscal year total of 169‌ apprehensions. The‌ significant increase in migrant encounters, ​combined with ‍encounters ⁤of individuals on ​the‌ terror watchlist, ⁣raises concerns​ about national security and the effectiveness ​of border control.

In response to this alarming situation, Bianca Garcia, a candidate running for Texas Representative ‍District 128, joins⁢ OAN’s Alicia‌ Summers to discuss the ⁢implications and potential solutions. The surge at the‌ Southern Border ⁤has major‌ implications not only for border states⁤ like Texas ⁢but for‍ the entire‌ nation. It calls for immediate action and comprehensive policy measures to address the root⁣ causes and effectively manage the flow of migrants.

While the discussion of immigration has always been politically charged, it is crucial to find common ground ​and bipartisan solutions to mitigate the current crisis. ‍This⁢ issue goes beyond partisan divides; it affects​ the safety, economy, and ​social ⁣fabric of our country. It is‍ a complex problem that demands thoughtful⁣ and inclusive‍ deliberation.

Effective​ border control must be a priority at both​ the federal and state ⁣levels. It requires⁤ an allocation of resources to ​enhance border ‌security infrastructure, implement advanced technology ⁢systems, and adequately ‌staff and train ⁣border patrol agents. ⁣Additionally, cooperation with neighboring countries and addressing the root causes of‌ migration in countries of ⁤origin are vital aspects of⁤ a comprehensive approach.

Furthermore, it is ⁣crucial to work on bipartisan immigration reform to establish‍ a clear and fair pathway to legal status for undocumented immigrants already⁣ residing ‌in the United States. This reform should prioritize national security⁢ interests while⁣ also respecting humanitarian concerns. It should involve an efficient and streamlined process for legal ‌immigration, contributing to economic growth and addressing labor needs.

As⁢ citizens, it ⁢is imperative to stay informed about‌ these ⁢issues and engage in constructive dialogue ‌with policymakers. Contacting elected​ representatives, participating in ​community forums, and supporting organizations‍ that work towards practical solutions can make ‌a⁤ significant difference.‍ Immigration⁤ is an ⁤intricate matter that requires collective effort and‌ commitment to​ ensure the well-being and prosperity of our nation.

The⁤ record-breaking surge at the Southern Border is a wake-up⁢ call ​for ⁣policymakers and citizens alike. It signals the urgency for comprehensive ⁤immigration ⁤reform and ‌strengthened border control measures. By addressing the root causes, focusing on effective policies, and fostering ⁢bipartisan collaboration, we can strive towards a more⁣ secure and prosperous future.

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