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US leaders acknowledge the brutality of real war, vow to provide additional weapons for the stalled Ukrainian counteroffensive.

The⁤ United⁢ States will continue to support Ukraine with billions of ‌dollars⁢ in munitions and‍ equipment as it⁤ faces off against ⁣Russia.

In ⁢a ‍recent meeting of⁢ the Ukraine‍ Contact Group, ‍U.S. Secretary of Defense⁣ Lloyd Austin ⁤acknowledged‌ Ukraine’s slow progress in⁣ its⁢ operations ⁢against Russia in eastern Ukraine. However, ⁤he emphasized that the fight‍ for freedom ​is a marathon, not a⁣ sprint,‍ and the United States‌ is committed ‌to providing critical capabilities ‍such as air defense and ⁣ammunition to‌ Ukraine.

“We will continue ‍to move ‌Heaven and Earth to‍ get⁢ Ukraine ⁤what ​it‌ needs,” Mr.⁣ Austin stated.

During⁣ the ⁣meeting,⁣ Chairman of the‌ Joint⁤ Chiefs of Staff⁣ Gen. Mark ⁣Milley explained‍ that‍ Ukraine’s advance ‌against⁢ Russian forces​ has been ⁤hindered by massive minefields⁤ created by Russia.​ These minefields, accompanied by ⁣Russian hunter-killer teams, have caused⁣ casualties⁤ among ​Ukrainian service ​members and​ slowed down ​their progress.

Despite⁣ the challenges, Gen. ⁢Milley emphasized that Ukraine’s ‍efforts are far from⁣ a ⁤failure and‌ there is still⁤ a lot of fighting left to go.

Furthermore,⁣ Gen. Milley highlighted ⁣the importance ‌of the ‌Ukraine Contact⁣ Group in preserving the international order⁢ and preventing⁣ great power war.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin (L) and⁢ Army ⁣General‍ Mark ⁤Milley hold‌ a press ⁣briefing⁤ about ‍the ⁣U.S. military⁢ drawdown⁣ in Afghanistan,‍ at the Pentagon ⁢in Washington on Sept. 1, 2021.‍ (Saul ⁤Loeb/AFP ⁢via‌ Getty ⁣Images)

While Ukraine continues its counteroffensive, the⁢ United States and its allies ⁢are facing their ‍own ​challenges due‌ to ‍the constant demand ⁢for ammunition ⁣and equipment. The ‍United States ⁤has ⁤provided over ⁢$75 billion in​ aid​ to ⁤Ukraine, including significant military⁢ aid, but this⁢ has depleted its​ own ​stores ‌of ⁣critical⁢ munitions.

Army​ Secretary Christine Wormuth ⁣has expressed concerns about⁣ the nation’s munitions⁤ production capacity‍ being ⁢pushed to⁤ the ‍absolute edge.

Gen. Milley has ‍also warned ‍that the United‍ States ⁤has a long way​ to⁣ go in ⁣replenishing its munitions stockpiles.

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