Rattner: Increasing Immigration Won' capital t Make ' Much of a Materials Difference' on Inflation within Near or Medium-Term


Throughout an interview aired on Friday’s broadcast of Bloomberg’s “Wall Street Week, ” Dorrie Rattner, who served because counselor to the Treasury Admin in the Obama administration, stated that the lack of workers due to tighter immigration policies is not traveling the problems with inflation which changing immigration policy wouldn’t make “that much of a materials difference” in the immediate or even medium terms

After playing a video of BlackRock CEO Lewis Fink blaming economic complications on policy, host Brian Westin asked, “Steve, exactly what he’s talking about there when it comes to policy-generated are things like several of our trade policies, a few of our policies on migration — where we’re not really getting as many workers — indeed, energy policy. He is saying that’s bigger than simply a single fiscal stimulus deal. And so, that’s not some thing the Fed can cope with. Are we concerned they will don’t have the tools they need to complete the job? ”

Rattner responded, “I would be a small concerned, but for slightly various reasons. I think some of those plan issues are certainly genuine. But I don’t think problem, for example , of immigration is absolutely what’s driving our inflationary situation at the moment or actually would make that much of the material difference in any moderate — near or medium-term scenario. ”

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