Ratcliffe criticizes Biden admin’s UFO secrecy.

Former Director‍ of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe Calls for More Transparency on UFOs

In a recent congressional ‌hearing on unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP), commonly known as UFOs, former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe emphasized the need for increased transparency.

Ratcliffe expressed his concerns during an interview with Fox host Maria Bartiromo on ⁢”Sunday Morning Futures,” stating that the ‍Biden⁤ administration’s decision to withhold information has‌ led House Republicans to hold public‌ hearings.

“I believe there should⁢ be more transparency on this issue, but not full transparency,” Ratcliffe ⁣explained. “While the government has a responsibility to provide for the⁣ common ⁢defense, it doesn’t share all national security ‍information ⁢with the American people. However, the government could have done a​ better job​ in ‌handling this matter.”

Recent UAP Hearing Sheds Light on ⁤Whistleblower Allegations

A House Oversight ⁣subcommittee recently conducted a ‌UAP hearing, featuring⁢ testimony from David Grusch, a⁣ former U.S. military ‌and intelligence official who has come forward with whistleblower allegations regarding crafts of non-human origin being withheld from Congress. The⁤ hearing⁢ also ⁢included accounts from two Navy veterans who reported encounters with mysterious flying objects that defy the laws of physics and pose⁢ potential national security threats.

Department of Defense Responds​ to Claims

The Department of Defense released a‍ statement insisting that⁤ its All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), responsible for investigating UFOs, has not found ‍any verifiable evidence to‍ support ⁤claims of past or current programs ‍involving extraterrestrial materials. AARO Director ⁢Sean Kirkpatrick also expressed his‌ team’s frustration with ‍the hearing, deeming it “insulting.”

Ratcliffe, who served as the final director of national intelligence during the Trump administration, has been vocal ​about UAP since ⁤leaving government.‍ In March 2021, he ⁢revealed that “multiple sensors” had detected mysterious flying objects with ‍unusual characteristics and suggested that there were more sightings than publicly known. Despite increased efforts‌ by the federal government to investigate UAP encounters and⁤ disclose information about ⁣hundreds of⁢ cases, Ratcliffe criticized the Biden administration for ⁤mismanaging the situation.

“Had the government managed this a little ‌bit better, it⁢ wouldn’t be as controversial,” Ratcliffe remarked. “There ⁤are⁢ many unexplained things. I’ve approached⁣ the line of discussing classified information but can’t cross it. The current administration would ​love for ​me to trip over ⁤that line. I just believe we could have shared more information to address all ⁣of this.”

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