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Quiet Biden student loan forgiveness for 200,000 borrowers gave black eye to colleges: Administrator

AAdministrators from a Florida The university declares the Biden administration His institution was unfairly labelled a malefactor after it reached a settlement to discharge. Student loans In a lawsuit brought in by students who claimed their colleges had misrepresented.

Last summer, the Department of Education declared it was settling the Sweet v. Cardona The lawsuit sought to force the court to order the department to decide on claims under the Borrower Defense Loan Discharge Program, which allows the department loan relief for students who have been defrauded or their universities.


These claims are Sweet v. Cardona These were brought against only Colleges that are for-profit and colleges that were previously for-profit but have now become nonprofit. Initially, the suit was brought against Betsy DeVos (ex-Secretary) during Trump’s administration. The suit sought to force department to address defense claims of borrower.

“The Sweet lawsuit basically said, ‘You’ve been sitting on these claims for too long. You owe these students that adjudication of the claims,'” Diane Jones, former principal deputy undersecretary for education in Trump’s administration, told the Washington Examiner. She stated that DeVos’s department had created a method for adjudicating claims. However, it was later blocked in federal court.

The department’s approach changed to the case after the transition to the Biden administration. Instead of adjudicating individual claims as required by the suit, the Biden administration was to be administered under Secretary Miguel Cardona Instead, the court settled the case and provided blanket loan forgiveness for thousands of borrowers who attended approximately 150 colleges, including University of Phoenix, Grand Canyon University and DeVry University.

Arthur Keiser, chancellor and CEO at Keiser University in Florida, spoke to the Washington Examiner In an interview, Keiser stated that Everglades College Inc. owns the university and has suffered reputational damage since being included in the settlement. Keiser claimed that the university, which is challenging the settlement in court, was not afforded the opportunity of seeing the complaints against the institution accusing it of defrauding students nor given an opportunity to defend.

“We’ve had prospective students who’ve not enrolled because of this [settlement],” Keiser said. “We’re concerned, we don’t understand it, and we have never seen a single complaint that the department has talked about.”

Miguel Cardona, Secretary of Education

U.S. District court Judge William Alsup denied Everglades College Inc.’s motion to block the implementation of the settlement. Alsup rejected claims by the college that they had suffered reputational injury in his ruling.

“Two months after that order issued — and more than seven months after the settlement … [was] made public — movants’ assertions of reputational harm remain markedly speculative, [and] ‘grounded in platitudes rather than evidence,'” Alsup wrote.

In a statement to Washington Examiner A spokesperson for Department of Education claimed that the Department of Education was “pleased that the court’s decision has allowed implementation of the settlement to move forward for the vast majority of covered borrowers.”

“The Department has started the process of implementing the settlement, which will provide billions of dollars in long-awaited relief to more than 200,000 borrowers and will resolve plaintiffs’ claims in a fair and equitable manner,” According to the spokesperson. Concerning reputational damage, the department cited Alsup’s ruling. It is not clear how much the U.S. government will cancel its mass loans.

Nicholas Kent, the chief officer for Career Education Colleges and Universities, said that despite Alsup’s decision to discharge loans, he did not agree with the stay. Washington Examiner That

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