Questioning of Former Twitter Exec Yoel Roth Results in Hearing on Big Tech Exploding

The new House GOP majority is Run to the finishDuring a hearing on Big Tech’s censorship, things went off the rails. Marjorie Taylor Green and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took turns questioning Yoel Roth, who infamously headed up Twitter’s Trust and Safety division before Elon Musk took over.

For her part, Greene lit into the panel of witnesses, which also included Vijaya Gadde, the person behind the banning of Donald Trump and who played a key role in leading Twitter’s censorship regime.

Greene used the quip to open a round on election interference. He noted that Twitter had directly engaged in activities that put its thumb on it. Major Republican accounts were completely banned before the 2022 election. Unjustifiable motives. How big of an effect that had on the electorate isn’t really quantifiable, but when you muzzle one side of the political aisle, it belabors belief to say that didn’t affect things.

The situation heated up when Greene informed the panel she was “glad you lost your jobs.” Then she dropped a bomb on Roth’s head, pointing out that child pornography was allowed to maintain a strong presence on Twitter under his watch. Greene even went so far as to reference Roth’s college dissertation, which argued that minors should have access to the gay hook-up app Grindr.

Greene pulled out poster boards with the tweets that got him banned at the end. All of them were related to COVID-19, including a citation of deaths shown on the CDC’s website and the assertion that vaccines should not be mandated. That was enough for Twitter to tag Greene’s posts as COVID-19 “misinformation” You should ban her permanently.

Greene did have her moment of revenge but Alexandria Ocasio Cortez brought a lot of dishonesty, idiocy, and shame to her victims.

While questioning Roth, Ocasio-Cortez accused Libs of TikTok of lying about Boston Children’s Hospital.

Ocasio-Cortez is actually the one who lies. Nothing Libs of TikTok (or Matt Walsh for that matter) reported on Boston Children’s Hospital was false. It was all well documented, not only by secondary sources but also by the hospital (as shown in the video). It was the hospital that boasted about being a top-notch facility for transgender surgery for minors. It was the hospital who told LibsofTikTok that they are a top-notch facility for transgender surgery for minors. Offered “gender-affirming” Hysterectomies are for children.

Roth still banned Libs of TikTok and appears to have no remorse if Ocasio Cortez’s answer is any indication. These are the same people who have controlled internet speech for many years. The same regressive hacks who controlled the most powerful social media site would still be in charge if Elon Musk had not forced Twitter’s sale.

It’s disturbing to think about how bad things were, and it’s equally disturbing to see powerful politicians continue to support such illiberal insanity. Ocasio Cortez could turn the United States into a Soviet Union with her Pravda. That is unquestionable.

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