Putin Warns U.S. Against Supplying Ukraine With Longer-Range Missiles

President Vladimir Putin cautioned the United States that Russia may retaliate by striking brand new targets if it sends long range missiles to Ukraine.

“If it at this point comes to rockets and they are provided, we will draw conclusions through that and employ our weaponry that we have in sufficient amounts to strike those amenities that we are not attacking up to now, ” Putin said within an interview aired on Ruskies television Sunday, state-run press reported.

The particular Russian leader also mentioned all the “fuss” over missile systems being supplied in order to Ukraine are intended to extend the war that inserted its 102nd day upon Sunday.

“In my view, all this bother over additional deliveries associated with armaments generally pursues the only objective of stretching out there the armed conflict so long as possible, ” Putin stated, according to the news outlet Tass.

Russian Chief executive Vladimir Putin claimed all of the “fuss” over missile systems being supplied to Ukraine are intended to prolong the battle.
Russian Pool/Reuters TV through REUTERS

President Biden, right after initially rejecting a request from Ukraine to deliver long-range rockets because they would certainly reach inside Russia, do an about-face last week and announced that his management would arm Kyiv along with advanced missile systems as heavy fighting in the far eastern region of the country proceeds.

President Volodymyr Zelensky has been asking the united states and its allies for more firepower — including Multiple Release Rocket Systems as well as Higher Mobility Artillery Rocket Techniques.

Zelensky is seeking the armament in order to counter a Russian offensive within the far eastern Donbas region where a number of Ukrainian metropolitan areas are under heavy artillery bombardment by Russian makes.

The ​US shipment​ will also include high-tech, medium-range rocket systems, as well as helicopters, Javelin anti-tank weapon techniques, tactical vehicles and other equipment​ as part of a $700 mil military aid package​.

Army MIM-104 Patriots, surface-to-air missile program.
Leader Biden announced that his management would arm Kyiv along with advanced missile systems right after previously rejecting the idea.

Ukraine has pledged to not use the rockets, which have a variety of about 50 miles, in order to strike Russian targets.

Putin shrugged off the significance of the brand new missile launch systems, saying Ukraine is simply replenishing its stock.

“There is nothing new about this, ” he said.

“These are all several launch rocket systems as well as the Ukrainian army operates comparable Soviet-and Russia-made Grad, Smerch and Uragan rocket techniques, ” Putin said. ​

The Kremlin leader said the range “depended on the rockets that are utilized and not on the system by itself. ”​

“What we hear today and exactly what we understand, these are rockets that fly to a range of 45-70 km according to the rocket type. The same holds true about Grad, Uragan plus Smerch rocket systems which i spoke about. They also have the number of 40-70 km plus there is nothing new about that, ” ​he said.

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