‘Pure Cringe’: Drew Barrymore Kneels Before Trans Activist Dylan Mulvaney During Talk Show Appearance

Actress Drew Barrymore She literally knelt in front of the camera. trans activist Dylan Mulvaney will show support for her during a Monday episode Talk Show.

On the internet, a clip of the moment circulated. TwitterUsers were able to express their opinions. Mulvaney joined the show to talk about the TikTok series. “Days of Girlhood,” Which documents the influencer’s behavior. “transition process.” 

Barrymore was seen kneeling in front Mulvaney as Mulvaney talked about being disliked and trying not to. “combat the hate.”

“Drew Barrymore getting on her knees to worship at the feet of Dylan Mulvaney might be one of [the] more disturbing moments of recent TV,” One Twitter user Submitted. “Why are women fawning over men who appropriate degrading caricatures of womanhood?”

“Oh goodness, Drew Barrymore, you know better than this—you’ve had children. You know that being a woman is more than a mask you wear. It’s not just glitter eyeshadow and pretty dresses—it’s baby puke and 2 AM feedings and smelly husbands. Dylan Mulvaney is wearing #WomanFace,” A second person .

“Wow … Drew Barrymore is on her knees bowing before a man.  How feminist of her,” Comment another Echoed.

“This is pure CRINGE. I can’t believe Drew Barrymore is just enabling this mentally ill weirdo,” A fourth person Submitted.

Barrymore described herself as “a” “huge fan” Mulvaney, “Drew Barrymore Show.” Mulvaney was there for a live stream called “Day 365 Live,” Broadcast at the Rainbow Room in New York City, March 13. The event was intended to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of “Days of Girlhood.”

“I think there’s also a way to be taught and educated, to open minds,” Mulvaney was also told by Barrymore during the segment. “And there are those that can, and I think you have that gift.”

Mulvaney later recalled meeting a transgender person waiting in line at the Broadway women’s toilet. Mulvaney said that the fan had described the experience as watching the “Days of Girlhood” It was a series that he said was very instructive for his whole family.

“I think that trans and queer youth are some of the strongest humans alive,” Mulvaney spoke to Barrymore. “The fact that they are pushing through to be themselves. But I think the parents are just as important. So I got to thank that mom, just for supporting their child and loving their child … Isn’t that a parent’s greatest hope?”

Barrymore answered, “We don’t know what to do all the time … but the more we can be given the tools, and taught, and storytelling, the better parents we’ll be.”

“From ‘Pure Cringe’: Drew Barrymore Kneels Before Trans Activist Dylan Mulvaney During Talk Show Appearance

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