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Project Veritas Video Exposes Education Specialist Bragging About Violating Georgia’s Ban on Critical Race Theory Propaganda in Schools

A brand new video released from Project Veritas has revealed Teaching Lab Director Dr. Quinton Bostic bragging about violating Georgia’s ban on teaching critical race theory (CRT) in schools through the curriculum he sells to districts in the state.

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe revealed that Bostic had his teaching license revoked around 2017, when he was a literacy educator. Bostic is now a Content Manager at Teaching Lab “with a $15 million budget dedicated to creating more ‘equitable’ curriculums.”

O’Keefe added that Bostic now sells curriculum he made to schools in Georgia, and that he has “multiple private companies where he profits of the curriculum that he sells.”

“And it’s amazing how you’ve gotten the schools to purchase the curriculum,” According to Project Veritas, the journalist was quoted.

“And they don’t even know what’s going on,” Bostic. “I would say that I’m a good salesman, but I’m also an evil salesman. Like, so bad.”

Bostic responded to the journalist who asked if schools are funded by the state. “they do.”

“So the state is basically paying for your curriculum without knowing what’s in it,” According to the journalist.

Bostic said that his curriculum was used in two districts, Fulton County, and Cobb County. The curriculum is targeted at kindergarten-aged students. Atlanta, Georgia’s largest city, lies in Fulton County.

Bostic also revealed in another clip that he makes his money selling this curriculum and not the Teaching Lab and that the state pays him for it.

“When the state pays for your stuff, they don’t know that critical race theory is in it,” According to the journalist.

“Right, of course, they don’t know, they don’t know. So basically, it just goes straight into the account.

The journalist clarified whether that was his account or Teaching Lab’s account, which Bostic revealed it was his account. Bostic answered a question about whether critical race theory teaching was illegal in Georgia. “if you don’t say the word ‘critical race theory,’ you can technically teach it.”

“And people don’t know what critical race theory is. So when they see the word, alarm goes off. But if you teach the principles of it people are like ‘of course.'”

“So does your curriculum have critical race theory in it?” The Project Veritas journalist asked.

“Yep,” Bostic responded

“And the government doesn’t know?” The journalist continued.

“They have no clue, and I’m like ‘this is great, this is good,'” Bostic stated.

Bostic revealed this “behind the scenes” Bostic urged teachers to use certain words and books in teaching his curriculum. Bostic called Governor Brian Kemp “idiot,” It is interesting to note that his wife is an ex-teacher.

“What do you think she would do if she found out that there’s CRT?” the Project Veritas journalist asked in regard to Kemp’s wife.

“Oh, I would be nailed for sure,” Bostic replied, and added that “the worst I could see happening” His business license was revoked. But he continued to say the following: “I can keep consulting.” Bostic claimed that you can. “teach kids things under the radar” Through his curriculum.

Bostic replied that he keeps the real content of the curriculum hidden from the public eye when Bostic was asked. “DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) work.” Bostic also targeted parents with these words “I hate to say it, but parents aren’t teachers.”

“Parents are ignorant,” The journalist replied.

“They are,” Bostic responded

In another clip, Bostic was revealed saying that kids are pushing back against their parents, and that that’s the goal. Bostic stated that his goal was to eventually achieve the ultimate goal. “get kids to influence their parents to make the shift too.” Bostic answered a journalist’s question about parents who might not like the information after hearing it. “who cares.”

“I’m not part of the system, I can’t — I’m not gonna lose my job over it,” Bostic went on. “The worst that’s gonna happen is y’all gonna be upset that I shared some knowledge. That’s the worst that’s gonna happen.”


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