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Pro Wrestler Mandy Rose Fired by WWE After Discovering Lewd Content on Her Paid Site

Pro Wrestler Mandy Rose has been one of WWE’s biggest standout acts in the last 18 months. However, she now finds herself without a job after scandalous lewd content from her personal paid site has come to light.

Mandy Rose via WWE YouTube

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Mandy Rose, real name Amanda Rose Saccomanno, wrestled for WWE’s NXT Brand where she was the reigning women’s champion for 413 days.

That title reign came to an abrupt end this week on NXT 2.0 when she lost the NXT Women’s title to Roxanne Perez in a match that stunned many viewers with the outcome.

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Things got even crazier when less than 24 hours after Mandy’s defeat, she was released from her WWE contract.

Rose was reportedly fired from WWE after lewd content that she posted on her Fantime page was brought to the attention of WWE officials. The content that angered WWE officials was said to be pushing the lines past softcore porn. 

Sean Ross Sapp at Fightful Select originally reported, “Fightful Select has learned that Mandy Rose has been released by WWE.”

He added, “WWE officials felt they were put in a tough position based on the content she was posting on her FanTime page. They felt like it was outside of the parameters of her WWE deal.”

Sean Ross Sapp Twitter

Some of the lewd content that was featured on Rose’s site saw her naked in a swimming pool talking to her audience, videos of her simulating masturbation in her underwear, and photos that implied sexual acts with her fiancé.

Founder of the Wrestling Observer Dave Meltzer stated on the Wrestling Observer Radio that the decision to have Mandy Rose lose her title was rushed by WWE Hall of Famer and Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative Shawn Michaels as soon as he found out what type of content she had been posting online.

Meltzer wrote on Twitter, “There’s a lot to the Mandy Rose firing today and the title change last night was a last minute decision based on the fact she was getting fired and not the original plan.”

Dave Meltzer Twitter

He further detailed on the podcast, “It all came down in the last day or two. I mean the title change wasn’t supposed to happen last night. That was a late decision. The match wasn’t even supposed to take place that night. They were supposed to do a different match.”

He added, “They rearranged the card — I don’t know if it was Monday or Tuesday — I think it was Tuesday and everything just changed from there.”

As to the cause Meltzer appeared to confirm Fightful Select’s original reporting saying, “They found out about things that were more risqué than they wanted their talent to do. And she makes a lot of money from it, but I think that she may have gone past the breaking point of what is allowable today for talent. So that’s probably where it all went down.”

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Michaels, who has been in charge of NXT for the last few years made the call to strip Rose of the title as the content came to light.

Rose, who had recently won the “Female NXT Superstar Of The Year” award just one week before her firing was initially planned to face Roxanne Perez at their upcoming New Year’s Evil on January 4, 2023. However, when officials were made aware of the situation, the match was suddenly moved up to the very next night and by morning WWE decided that Rose would no longer be in the company.

Wrestling Observer Bryan Alvarez said that Mandy Rose was very much caught off guard by the firing.

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Rose was also a part of the NXT act Toxic Attraction along with Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne who were said to be heartbroken over the news. The status of the Toxic Attraction group is unknown as of this writing. 

As reported by Wrestle Zone, Rose, who is now posting under the name “Mandy Sacs” shared a statement to her FanTime page, “Hey guys, thank you for all the messages. I am overwhelmed by all the love and support from you guys. And don’t worry the page is still up!”

Mandy Rose from WWE via Fanmio

As a result of her firing, Sportskeeda reports Rose is currently under a 90 day no compete clause meaning she will have to sit out for 90 days before she is allowed to sign with another wrestling company if she chooses.

Rose was said to be making “more money” from her paywall content than she was making under her WWE contract so it will interesting to see if she continues with her pro wrestling career or if she will go full time into making 18+ content.

Mandy Rose via WWE YouTube

What are your thoughts on WWE firing one of their top acts for lewd content? 

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