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Pro-Trans Education Group Invites Bold Activist as Conference Keynote Speaker

A pro-transgender education group is featuring a transgender activist with a history of making obscene sexual remarks as the keynote speaker for an upcoming conference for those who teach and counsel children. 

Gender Spectrum, a California-based organization that works closely with K-12 education institutions, will host “Diamond Stylz” at the upcoming Professional’s Symposium. Stylz is a transgender-identifying activist and the Executive Director of Black Trans Women, Inc. 

The Professionals’ Symposium, which will take place online July 13-14, is “designed for individuals who serve transgender, non-binary, and otherwise gender-expansive youth and/or their families,” according to Gender Spectrum. Conference sessions are tailored for teachers, mental health professionals, and physicians. 



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A description for the keynote speech states, “Diamond Stylz (she/her) will be joining Gender Spectrum’s Executive Director Cameron Van Fossen (they/them) in a keynote conversation you will not want to miss!”

“Diamond and Cam will explore topics of gender, race, current events, and ways to help transgender and nonbinary youth access the love, belonging, safety, education, and medical care they deserve.”

Stylz, who goes by “Critical Hoe Theory” on Twitter, discusses underage oral sex in one tweet thread from June 16, which begins, “If you engage with c******, when was the first time you ate some c******?” One user responded, “8.” Stylz “liked” and retweeted the tweet, responding, “Hopefully it was consensual and a peer.”

Stylz responded in another tweet, saying, “me and my same age peer use [sic] to swap oral as kids… all the way up til puberty then he got awkward and heterosexual and started acting like he didn’t know me lol.”

In a separate tweet from June 11, Stylz said, “How do you respectfully tell your Uber driver you wanna s*** that d*** before you get out of the car when you are only going 4 blocks.” Multiple other recent tweets include graphic descriptions of sexual acts. 

While it isn’t apparent whether Gender Spectrum is paying Stylz for the keynote speech, he is listed on the All American Speakers website, which indicates his speaking fee is $5,000 to $10,000 for virtual events and $10,000 to $20,000 for in-person events. 

The upcoming Gender Spectrum conference, which currently has 327 registered attendees as of Tuesday, specifically intends to provide mentorship for those who interact with “transgender” and “gender expansive” youth. 

One session, which will be led by a school psychologist, is titled “Beyond the Binary: Culturally Responsive Approaches for Supporting BIPOC, Trans and Neurospicy Clients.” It seeks to “help therapists and others to support those who belong to intersecting marginalized communities, such as BIPOC, trans and neurodivergent individuals.” 

A session called “Leading for Gender Inclusive Schools” will feature a panel of “experienced educators” as they reflect on the work they’ve done to “establish more gender inclusive conditions for all students and supported the unique needs of their transgender and other gender expansive young people at the same time.” The session will include Judy Chiasson, the Human Relations, Diversity, and Equity coordinator for Los Angeles Unified School District.

Meanwhile, the description for a session called “Gender Support Plan” asks, “What preparation, training and conditions need to be considered as students and their families make the difficult decision to support a child’s authentic gender in the classroom?” It goes on to explain, “After exploring key principles that must be considered when a student shares their gender with their school community, the session will present specific tools and resources for supporting a student to safely and successfully do so.”

Tandy Aye, the founder and director of Stanford’s Pediatric and Adolescent Gender Clinic, will lead a session “for those who have experience in supporting youth to affirm their gender.”

“Providing Gender Affirming Care Amidst All the Noise” will include an “open conversation about the challenges and opportunities for providing gender affirming care to young people in our current context.”

Another session is titled “The Advocate Educator: Creating Schools Where Transgender and Non-Binary Students Thrive,” while another is called, “Caring for Gender-Expansive Youth: One Family’s Journey at the Intersection of Provider, Parent and Patient.”

The organization works alongside numerous K-12 educational institutions. A recent report from The Daily Wire revealed that Gender Spectrum partnered with the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), the country’s largest private school association, to host an “inclusive schools” conference. More than 1,600 nonprofit K-12 private schools in the U.S. are affiliated with the NAIS.

Gender Spectrum hosts professional development trainings for teachers and boasts that they’ve worked with a wide range of different education organizations, including the School Superintendent’s Association, the American School Counselors Association, and the Association of Waldorf Schools North America, among others.

Gender Spectrum has partnered with surgical sex change clinics to promote sex change operations. One series of online talks hosted by Gender Spectrum discussed vaginoplasties, top surgery, and facial surgery. They also held a talk titled “Navigating a Gender Clinic,” a “guide for parents/caregivers of gender expansive youth.”

But GenderSpectrum does more than mentor teachers, mental health providers, and others that interact with “transgender” and “gender expansive” minors. 

The organization also communicates directly with young children and hosts a “pre-teen group” for “trans, non-binary, and gender expansive youth” as young as ten years old. The discussion group features conversations about “gender” and “family.”

Gender Spectrum “Pre-Teen Group” Screenshot

Gender Spectrum has also hosted a number of other events targeting minors, including a “Black Trans & Non-Binary Teen Online Discussion Group.”

Neither Gender Spectrum nor Diamond Stylz responded to a request for comment.

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