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Pro-Life Father Mark Houck Sues Biden DOJ Over Arrest, Raid For Millions

Pro-Life⁤ Activist and Catholic Father⁤ Sues Biden DOJ ⁢Over Shocking Arrest

A ‍pro-life activist‌ and Catholic​ father⁢ of⁤ seven, Mark Houck, along with his wife, is taking legal action against the Biden Department of Justice. They‌ are seeking justice for Houck’s alarming arrest last year, which involved approximately 20 armed FBI agents‍ storming their Pennsylvania home in front of their children.

The DOJ targeted ‌Houck, who leads a‌ nonprofit organization that offers sidewalk counseling at abortion clinics in Philadelphia, based on an incident involving his then-12-year-old son at a Planned Parenthood facility in 2021. The family ​claims that Houck,⁣ facing severe ⁣penalties including 11 years ‍in‌ prison and ‍hefty fines, was simply defending ​his son from a harassing pro-abortion activist. Fortunately, in January, Houck was acquitted ​of the charges brought against⁣ him under the Freedom of ‍Access ⁤to Clinic Entrances Act, also known ⁢as the FACE Act.

In a lawsuit filed ​on Monday, Houck is seeking $1.1 million for malicious prosecution, retaliatory ‍prosecution, false arrest, abuse of process, and assault. The suit, as reported​ by The Daily Signal, describes the arrest as an “unnecessary‍ and unlawful ‍show of force,” violating Houck’s Fourth Amendment rights. It alleges that officers used excessive force⁣ to apprehend the activist, despite the ⁣non-violent nature of the charges and his willingness to‍ surrender if ‍indicted.

Meanwhile, Ryan-Marie Houck, Mark’s ⁣wife, is seeking $3.25 million in damages.‌ The⁤ complaint states that ‍Ryan-Marie‍ has experienced multiple​ miscarriages following the traumatic arrest, attributing ⁢them to stress​ and post-traumatic stress disorder‍ (PTSD). She now finds herself unable to conceive.

The lawsuit also highlights ⁤the emotional toll on‍ the couple’s seven children, who have ​been deeply affected by the ‍events. The children frequently experience distress, ⁢nightmares, and‍ seek comfort from​ their parents. They have even resorted ​to​ sleeping in their ⁢parents’ bed for a month after the arrest. The suit emphasizes the significant time and effort Ryan-Marie spends counseling and comforting her children.

Following the arrest, a fundraising account was set up on GiveSendGo, describing the incident as a situation ⁤where Mark and his son were ⁤praying in front of a ‍Planned Parenthood clinic. When a pro-abortion ‌escort began harassing Mark’s son, they walked away from the entrance. ‍However, the escort continued to pursue them, leading Mark to push him away ⁢in defense.


The post on the fundraising account further states, “It’s all on video. But that ⁣hasn’t stopped Planned Parenthood ​and ‌the Biden Administration. With⁢ no ​prior warning and despite⁢ Mark ​having legal representation, Biden’s Justice Department dispatched a fully armed SWAT team to⁤ their home⁢ at dawn, where young children were present, to arrest a father who was protecting his‌ son.”

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What arguments ​does Mark Houck’s legal team make regarding the ⁢arrest being politically motivated?

Ss to cooperate. The lawsuit further ​claims that the arrest was a deliberate attempt to intimidate ‍Houck and‌ his family and to discourage him from continuing his pro-life advocacy work.

The arrest took place on August 26, 2021, when ​armed FBI agents⁤ arrived‌ at the⁤ Houck ⁤residence ‍with a⁤ search warrant. According to‌ the lawsuit, the agents entered the home without knocking or announcing their presence,⁣ causing considerable distress⁣ to the family and traumatizing their children. The suit argues that such a display of⁣ force was‍ unwarranted and excessive for a non-violent offense.

Houck’s legal team argues that the arrest was not only ⁤unnecessary and unlawful but also politically motivated. They believe‍ that it was ‍a result of the Biden DOJ’s ‌stance on ⁤abortion and its efforts to suppress ⁤pro-life​ activism.‌ The lawsuit alleges ‌that the Biden administration is ‍using the ‌power of ⁣law enforcement agencies‌ to silence those who​ oppose their pro-abortion agenda.

The implications of this⁤ case go beyond the personal experience of one pro-life activist and his family. It⁣ raises concerns about the ⁢potential infringement ⁢of First Amendment rights and the erosion of religious freedom. ‍It sends a ⁤chilling​ message to other pro-life advocates who may now‍ fear similar treatment if ‌they dare to speak out against abortion.

The Biden administration has repeatedly expressed its commitment to⁤ protecting and expanding access to abortion. ‍While they may have the ⁤right​ to advocate for their​ pro-choice position, using law enforcement resources⁢ to target⁤ and intimidate pro-life activists ​is a concerning abuse of ‌power. It ⁣undermines the principles of a ⁢democratic society that values freedom of‌ speech ‍and the ‌right to peaceful protest.

Mark Houck⁤ and⁣ his wife are determined to fight for justice and​ hold the Biden DOJ⁣ accountable for their actions. They hope‌ that their lawsuit⁣ will not only⁣ bring them ⁣the justice they deserve but also serve ‌as a wake-up call to those in power ‌who seek ⁢to ⁤suppress dissenting voices. The‌ outcome of this case will have far-reaching implications for the protection ‍of constitutional rights ⁢and the ability of citizens⁤ to freely express their beliefs.

As this legal battle unfolds, ‍it serves ‍as a reminder of ‍the ongoing struggle between pro-life and ‌pro-choice advocates in the United‌ States. It highlights the importance of safeguarding ‍the rights of​ all citizens,⁢ regardless of their beliefs, and ensuring that the ⁢government⁤ respects and upholds the principles enshrined in the Constitution.

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