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Princess Märtha Louise of Norway Gives Up Royal Duties For American Shaman Fiancé

Princess Märtha Louise of Norway said Tuesday that she is no longer representing the Norwegian royal family in an official capacity after getting “many questions relating to me and my fiancé’s role.”

The daughter of King Harald is fourth in line to the Norwegian throne. Princess Märtha got engaged in June to Durek Verrett, an American citizen who describes himself as a shaman and a healer. This turn of events caused an uproar among royal followers and led to the princess losing her role as patron for at least one foundation.

“I have decided that at the present time I will no longer carry out official duties for the royal household,” the 51-year-old royal family member said in a statement issued by the palace. She continued, saying the decision was made along with her parents “to create peace around the royal household.”

She will retain her title but will no longer serve as a patron to former organizations.

“I am sorry that the princess will no longer represent the royal house,” King Harald said during a press conference, adding that for this matter, “we agree to disagree.”

“We have looked at this process from all sides,” his wife, Queen Sonja, said. “This has been a unanimous decision.”

Märtha Louise also noted in the statement that she’s had an ongoing interest in “alternative methods” of treatment, which she claimed “can be an important supplement to help from the conventional medical establishment.”

She and her fiancé have conducted seminars featuring “meditations and shamanic exercises” that promise to “reveal to you your divine self activated and how you can utilize your gift to change the world,” per CNN.

Verrett also wrote a book called “Spirit Hacking.”  The 47-year-old author has worked with celebrities, including Gwyneth Paltrow, offering shamanic healing sessions and other services such as a “spirit optimizer,” which he says “can invite spiritual and energetic protections to keep you safe from external energies seeking to harm you, allowing you a safer space to heal.”

In 2002, Princess Märtha Louise gave up her “royal highness” status and allowance to seek a media career. She wed Norwegian author Ari Behn the same year, and the couple went on to have three daughters together. The royal and her husband separated in 2016, and Behn died by suicide on Christmas Day in 2019.

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