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Expensive PA Supreme Court Justice race could impact 2024 election.

The‍ Pennsylvania Supreme Court: A​ Battleground for Political⁤ Issues

The left-leaning Pennsylvania ⁢Supreme Court has been at the⁢ center of some ‌highly contentious⁣ decisions in recent ⁣years. From striking down voter ID laws⁤ to approving⁢ last-minute​ changes to congressional district ⁤maps, this⁤ court⁤ has been a hotbed of controversy.

As the ⁣2024 election ​approaches, the⁤ court is once again poised ⁣to tackle important election-related cases. Questions about ballot drop-boxes, the legitimacy of mail-in ballots, ⁤and‍ more‌ will likely land in the hands of these seven justices.

Currently, the court‌ consists of ​four Democratic justices, two Republicans, ​and one vacancy. The recent passing of former Democratic Chief Justice Max Baer has left a seat to ⁣be filled.

The race to fill this vacancy has been ⁤anything but ordinary. Despite the salary for a Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice⁣ being‌ $244,793, millions of dollars ⁢have been poured into⁣ the campaign. ‍The outcome of this race will be decided ⁢by voters on Tuesday, Nov. 7, in Pennsylvania’s general ⁢election.

The ​Candidates

In off-year elections like‌ this⁤ one, attention and voter turnout​ tend to be lower ⁣compared to presidential ‌years. This creates‍ an opportunity ⁣for a⁣ small group ⁢of motivated voters to ⁤have a significant impact.⁣ In Pennsylvania, ⁢however, many voters​ are still​ unsure about​ the candidates. According to a recent poll, over 70% ⁢of registered voters don’t know enough about them to form an opinion.

Carolyn Carluccio. (Courtesy Carluccio campaign)

One⁢ of the candidates is ⁣Carolyn Carluccio,​ a Republican⁣ and the current president ⁤judge of the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas. Carluccio ⁢has invested over $742,000 ​in her campaign, including a personal​ loan of $25,000. Additionally, she has received⁣ over $2.2 million in in-kind‍ donations⁢ from the ‍Commonwealth Leaders Fund PAC, ⁢which‌ is largely‍ funded by Pennsylvania billionaire‍ Jeff⁢ Yass.

Carolyn Carluccio’s impressive ⁢background includes serving as ​a‌ Federal ‍Assistant​ U.S.‌ Attorney, where‌ she prosecuted major criminals. She has also ‍held ‌positions such as chief public defender, chief deputy solicitor, and acting director‍ of Human Resources⁣ in Montgomery County.

For the past 14 years, Carluccio has been a Court of Common Pleas ⁣Judge. Her accomplishments include being elected president of the 2,000-member Montgomery Bar Association and becoming⁣ the‍ court’s first female presidential judge in Montgomery County.

Daniel⁣ McCaffery ‌(Courtesy McCaffery campaign)

On ‍the‌ Democratic ​side,‍ we ‌have Daniel McCaffery, a Superior Court judge who has⁣ invested $2 million ‍in his campaign. McCaffery has received​ substantial donations​ from left-leaning ⁤groups, including ⁢teacher’s unions and organizations focused on combating‌ gerrymandering.

Unions ‌have also shown their support for McCaffery, with significant contributions ⁤from various labor organizations. Additionally, he has received financial backing ⁤from the Philadelphia ⁤Trial Lawyers ⁣Association and the Pennsylvania Judicial⁤ PAC.

McCaffery’s diverse background includes ‍serving as an Assistant ‌District Attorney, working in ⁣a ‌law firm,⁤ and holding positions in the Philadelphia Court of Common⁣ Pleas and the ‍Pennsylvania Superior Court.

What is the significance of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court vacancy‍ for the state’s political landscape?


Cheryl⁣ ⁤Lynn Allen

The other candidate running for the⁢ vacant seat is ​Cheryl ⁤Lynn Allen, a‍ Democrat and ⁣sitting⁤ ⁤judge on the Bucks County Court of Common Pleas. Allen has raised over $600,000 for her campaign, with considerable support from various labor unions and legal associations. In addition, she has received endorsements⁣ from prominent⁤ Democratic politicians,⁢ including the Governor of Pennsylvania. Despite facing some criticism for her​ liberal views, Allen is considered a frontrunner in the race.

Implications for the‍ Future

Whoever ‌fills the vacancy on the Pennsylvania Supreme⁤ Court ⁣will have a significant ⁤impact on the state’s political landscape.⁢ The court has the power to shape ‍election laws, redistricting maps, and other crucial⁢ issues. With the upcoming redrawing of ⁣congressional districts after the 2020 census, the court’s decisions will directly affect⁣ the balance‌ of power in Pennsylvania’s representation.

Moreover, the makeup of the court is also crucial for the prospects of potential voter ID ‌laws, mail-in voting regulations, and the ⁢overall integrity of elections.⁢ The decisions made by⁤ the Pennsylvania Supreme Court can⁣ provide either greater access to voting ⁣or stricter regulations, depending on the ideological leaning of ‍the ⁢justices.

As voters head to the polls on November 7, ‍they will not⁤ only be deciding the future of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court but also the ‍future of the state’s political landscape. By choosing the candidate who aligns with their‌ values and priorities, voters have the power ⁤to shape the court’s decisions for⁣ years to come.


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