Freed suspect in Georgia nursing student case accused of skull disfigurement

(Booking photo‍ of Jose Antonio Ibarra, photo via CLARKE COUNTY SHERIFF’S ​OFFICE)

OAN’s Abril Elfi

12:24 PM⁢ – Tuesday, February 27, 2024

New details‍ have emerged about the shocking murder of a female nursing student at the University of Georgia. Court documents reveal that the victim’s‌ skull was brutally disfigured.


An affidavit released states that⁣ murder⁤ suspect ⁢Jose Ibarra allegedly used a weapon to assault 22-year-old Laken Riley,⁢ causing ⁣severe blunt force⁢ trauma and disfiguring‌ her⁢ skull.

Furthermore, Ibarra is accused of dragging ⁤Riley to ‌a ⁣secluded⁤ area, which supports the ⁣charge of concealing the death of another person.

While Riley’s cause of death is attributed to blunt force trauma, authorities have not disclosed the exact manner of death. The arrest affidavits provide no​ further information about the weapon used.

In‍ September 2022, Ibarra ⁣was detained by border ‍patrol after illegally entering the country from Venezuela.⁢ U.S.​ Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released‍ information​ on Monday stating that he was released while his case was being investigated. In August 2023, he was detained again in ⁢New York for violating his driver’s license and endangering a ​child under 17. However, New York​ authorities released him before ICE could arrest him.

University of Georgia Police Department Chief of Police Jeffrey Clarke revealed that the suspect ‍and victim had no prior​ relationship. He described the crime as a “crime of opportunity” where Ibarra targeted an individual and tragic events⁣ unfolded.

“He did not know her at all,” said Clarke.​ “I think this was a crime of opportunity where he saw an individual and bad things happened.”

Riley, a‌ nursing student at the Augusta University⁤ College of Nursing, was reported missing on Thursday ⁢when she failed to return home after a run. Officials⁤ conducted an extensive⁣ search and ⁤discovered her lifeless body with visible injuries in a forested area near Lake Herrick.

Condolences have been expressed by the White House⁤ to⁤ the victim’s family, and all inquiries about the case‍ have been directed to law enforcement and ICE.

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What are the new ⁢details that have emerged regarding the shocking murder⁢ of the⁣ nursing student at the University of Georgia?

Title: Shocking Murder at University of Georgia: New Details Emerge


A horrifying murder has shocked the University of Georgia community,​ as new details regarding the brutal killing of a female nursing student have emerged. The victim’s skull was reportedly disfigured in a manner that ⁤highlights the profound violence of the​ crime. The suspect, identified as Jose Ibarra, allegedly used a weapon to⁤ inflict⁢ severe blunt force trauma on 22-year-old Laken Riley, resulting in the disfiguration of her skull. This article aims to shed light on the recent developments in⁢ the case and provide an overview of the suspect’s background.

Incident Details:

According to the released affidavit, Jose Ibarra is accused of not only assaulting and causing severe injury to Laken Riley but also of dragging her to a​ secluded area, suggesting an attempt to conceal the death. Although authorities have ⁤confirmed that blunt force trauma was the cause of Riley’s demise, the exact manner of death has not been disclosed, leaving the public questioning ⁣the​ nature of the weapon used.

History of ⁤the Suspect:

Jose Ibarra’s background ‌highlights a concerning history of encounters with law enforcement. He was initially detained by ‍border patrol in September 2022 after illegally entering the United States from Venezuela. U.S. Immigration and Customs‍ Enforcement (ICE) later released information stating that‌ Ibarra ⁣was freed while his case was under⁣ investigation. Subsequently, in August 2023, he was​ detained in New York for violations related to his driver’s license, including endangering a child under 17. However, Ibarra was released by ​New York authorities before ICE had‍ the opportunity to apprehend⁤ him.

Investigation Update:

University of Georgia Police Department Chief of Police,⁢ Jeffrey Clarke, has revealed that there was ⁤no prior relationship‍ between the suspect and the‍ victim. He described​ the crime as a “crime of⁢ opportunity” where​ Ibarra specifically targeted an individual, ​leading to this tragic incident. Clarke emphasized⁣ that Ibarra had no prior knowledge of Riley.


The recent revelations surrounding the shocking murder of nursing student Laken Riley have sent shockwaves throughout the University of Georgia community. As investigations⁤ continue, the details of this disturbing crime are gradually unfolding. Public concern has been multiplied by the suspect’s troubling history and the circumstances ‍of⁤ his release prior ​to Riley’s murder. University authorities strive to⁣ provide support to the grieving community while ensuring the safety of its students. The handling of ⁢this case will undoubtedly have‍ broader implications for law enforcement⁤ procedures and immigration policies.

Source: OANN Newsroom – Non-U.S. Citizen Arrested for the Murder of Nursing Student Killed on University of Georgia ⁣Campus

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