PolitiFact’s COVID Fact-Checker Revealed to Have Zero Scientific or Medical Background

Politifact’s COVID fact-checker has SOME medical experience … right? RIGHT?!



Nope. It’s not even a little.

Crazy, right? You’d THINK a supposed fact-checking site like Politifact would want the person working on COVID disinformation to have a teensy weensy bit of experience in the medical field. We’re not talking a doctor or a nurse or anything, but even a medical writer or someone who took more than Health in college.

We are here.

You can check out this thread by @TexasLindsay on Jeff Cercone

Looks like a nice guy … does he though?

Keep going.

He was a writer for the Chicago Tribune, and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.


Opinion and editorial.

It’s just so.

That’s why it doesn’t matter if Jeff has any background in medicine because it’s not really about the facts, it’s about sticking to the narrative.


But the Hodgetwins lean Right so of course, anything they say will be false in Jeff’s echo chamber.

We will be going with BOTH.

So concludes the medical EXPERT.

That approved narrative ain’t gonna support itself ya’ know.

Let’s not pretend Jeff is at all unique – the entire fact-checking ‘industry’ Is that even a thing? It is not about sticking to facts, but sticking to a story. They are puzzled why we point at them and laugh at their mistakes.



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