Police suspect ‘shopping cart killer’ is behind 4 murders

Harrisonburg, Va., Police Chief Kelley Warner discussing murder charges against Anthony Robinson, 35, of Washington, D.C. , at a press conference Friday, Dec. 17, 2021, in Fairfax, Va. Police dubbed their suspect the “shopping cart killer” because he used a grocery shopping cart to move his victims’ bodies after killing them. (AP Photo/Matthew Barakat)

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UPDATED 1:22 PM PT – Saturday, December 17, 2021

Authorities said they’ve arrested a suspected serial murderer dubbed the “shopping cart killer,” who’s been linked to the murders of four women in Virginia. On Friday, authorities said 35-year-old Anthony Robinson was taken into custody last month and charged with two counts of murder.

Identities of three out of the four women killed have been identified. All victims went missing in the past few months and police said a challenge remains in identifying other victims.

Police said the “shopping cart killer” met all of his supposed victims through dating sites and frequenting motels.

This image released by the Harrisonburg, Va., Police Department, shows Anthony Robinson, 35, of Washington, D.C., who Fairfax County, Va., Police Chief Kevin Davis dubbed “shopping cart killer." Police in Virginia say the discovery of four bodies at two different locations in the state are the work of a serial killer who used a shopping cart to transport his victims' bodies after meeting them on dating sites. (Harrisonburg Police Department via AP)

Anthony Robinson, 35, of Washington, D.C., who Fairfax County, Va., Police Chief Kevin Davis dubbed “shopping cart killer.” (Harrisonburg Police Department via AP)

“After he inflicts trauma to his victims and kills them, he transports their bodies to their final resting place literally in a shopping cart,” said Chief Kevin Davis of the Fairfax County Police Department. So, our shopping cart killer we know has traveled from the DMV all the way down to Harrisonburg. We’re in the process of conducting, along with many other partners, a retrospective investigation to figure out where he’s been. And we’re going to find out exactly where he’s been and we’re going to work with our law enforcement partners, homicide detectives, missing person detectives to see if we can identify any other victims.”

Officers are determined to work with other law enforcement agencies to bring closure, and ultimately justice for the communities and families affected.

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