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3 Arrested in Child Murder Case that Led to Unconstitutional Gun Ban by New Mexico Governor.

Three Men Arrested in⁢ Child Murder Case that Led to Gun Ban

Albuquerque police have‌ apprehended⁢ three individuals believed to‌ be responsible‍ for​ the tragic shooting of 11-year-old⁤ Froylan Villegas. This heartbreaking incident prompted New Mexico’s governor to impose a controversial ban on gun ownership in Albuquerque and the surrounding area.

The ​Albuquerque Police⁤ Department made ⁣the announcement of‍ the⁢ arrests in a compelling news release, revealing the⁣ alleged involvement of Jose Romero,‍ 22, and Nathan Garley, 21. Later, it was disclosed that⁤ a third suspect, Daniel Gomez, ​26, was also⁤ taken​ into custody.

The suspects are accused of ⁣firing multiple rounds at the Villegas family’s vehicle, mistaking it ⁢for another truck. The shooting occurred as the family ‍was leaving a baseball game, and tragically, Froylan Villegas lost his life, while his sister Tatiana⁢ Villegas⁤ sustained critical injuries.

The suspects, who were at the game, targeted the wrong vehicle due to⁣ an ongoing ⁣feud between Romero and another individual. They drove alongside⁣ the‍ Villegas’ truck ⁤in ⁤a black Dodge ⁤Durango, with one of the passengers firing several shots at them.

Albuquerque ​Police Chief Harold Medina expressed his outrage, calling the ⁤suspects “cowards”⁢ and emphasizing the‍ need for justice. The devastating loss ‌of Froylan Villegas prompted Governor Michelle⁣ Lujan Grisham to declare a ​public health emergency and ‌implement the temporary gun ban.

“Our detectives arrested a suspect for the murder of 11-year-old Froylan Villegas. With⁢ help from the ​public, ‌investigators determined⁤ this was a ‌case‌ of mistaken identity. These cowards thought they were‍ tough. ⁣They killed an innocent child.”

– APD Chief of Police (@ABQPoliceChief)

The⁤ ban⁤ was eventually‍ rolled back due to non-compliance from local law enforcement and calls for the governor’s impeachment from Republican lawmakers. However, certain restrictions still remain in place.

All ‍three ⁢suspects, Romero, Garley, ‍and Gomez, have been apprehended.‌ Romero‍ was already wanted for drug-related charges, while Garley was found in possession of ​a large quantity of‌ fentanyl pills during a previous arrest.

Despite ⁤the tragic circumstances, the Villegas family has received overwhelming support, with a GoFundMe campaign raising significant funds to⁢ assist them.

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