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Planned Parenthood’s ‘Pride’ Month post fails: ‘Is feminism still alive?’

Why would non-women need abortions?

No, this is not some bizarre riddle; it’s the summarization of hundreds of reactions to a Planned Parenthood recent ‘pride’ month post claiming that abortion is no longer a “woman’s right” or “woman’s issue.”

“Labeling abortion as only ‘women’s rights’ or a ‘women’s issue’ erases the experiences and identities of queer, nonbinary, and trans folks who also have abortions and downplays the additional barriers they face when accessing care. Abortion access affects us all, period,” the tweet read, leaving many readers either confused or enraged.

Hasn’t Planned Parenthood been telling us all along that abortion is a “woman’s right to choose?”

One commenter asked, “Why would a lesbian need an abortion?

Another asked, “Does feminism exist anymore,” illustrating how the left ends up eating its own.

It’s not overstating the fact to say logic went out the window when wokeism was born, but the ridiculousness of their reasoning seems to grow every day, eating at their own ideology and the feminist “theology” that they themselves have worked so hard to establish as truth.

Feminism, with all its flaws, made some significant achievements for women. Achievements the left was happy to tout until the transgender movement came in and swallowed them whole.

For instance, the women’s rights movement gave women Title IX, allowing them to thrive in sports and use their athletic abilities to gain college scholarships.

But now, they have had those achievements and opportunities snatched away by the transgender movement as men — some who are double their size and strength — took back the progress women have made in the last 50 years.

Should Planned Parenthood take down the post?

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Feminists called out “rape culture” and demanded safe spaces for women to be protected from predatory men.

Now, women are no longer safe even in the privacy of a woman’s changing room or bathroom, having to share the space with men complete with fully functioning genitalia.

Feminists fought against gender discrimination in the workplace in the highest courts of the land. Those jobs can now be held by men pretending to be women, once again destroying the work of generations.

Anti-Human Ecologist Starts Spewing Nonsense, Musk Quickly Shuts Him Down: ‘Nothing He Says…’

J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, went from media darling to being attacked for being transphobic for simply stating the truth about the reality of two genders.

It turns out that the men-hating feminists are actually the most submissive women of all.

Not only have they quietly handed over to men a hundred years of female gains, but they have also relinquished something no non-feminist woman would ever share — motherhood.

Feminists, who call themselves the protectors of women, are now standing silent as men declare that they can bear children, stealing from women the most powerful and beautiful “female only” title in the world.

The title of “Mom.”

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