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‘Phony PR Tour’: TikTok Partners With Child Advocacy Groups To Keep Kids Using App

TikTok is supported by some unlikely friends in its battle to keep its video platform free from children’s hands. One such organization is the TikTok Foundation. “largest child advocacy association in America.”

The China-owned video app has been available since 2020 Has donated To promote, the National PTA has donated more than $2,000,000 “safe” Teachers and parents can make use of the video platform. TikTok has contributed at least $725,000 towards the Ad Council since 2019 for several ad campaign campaigns. TikTok is also given promotional support by these organizations. TikTok is hailed by the National PTA “a source of joy and inspiration” Its users. The Ad Council has named the social media platform after it appointed a TikTok executive as a member of its board in 2020. “the future of youth marketing.”

These partnerships could provide a strong shield against the growing scrutiny by Congress and the public about TikTok’s ties to China and its role in providing harmful content for children.

TikTok was banned from all government-issued devices by Congress because the Chinese government has access to user data. Many lawmakers are now calling for an immediate ban of the app in America. Child safety groups and lawmakers have been looking into TikTok’s content that is harmful and sexually explicit for teenagers. Recent reports indicate that law enforcement officials have been investigating TikTok’s distribution of harmful content to teens. View TikTok is the most vulnerable social media platform to child exploitation due to its popularity among teens and preteens. This story focuses on cases where adult men used TikTok for tracking down underage girls and in some cases, for proposing explicit videos to them.

To avoid regulation or prohibition, TikTok mounted a vigorous public relations campaign and lobbying campaign. According to Senate statistics, $5,470,000 was spent lobbying Congress and federal agency last year. Records. One of its executives Testimony In 2021, TikTok was presented to the Senate Commerce Committee to defend its safety measures and promote the company’s relationship the National PTA.

Some lawmakers and parent advocacy organizations see TikTok’s partnership as a threat to their children. “phony” Public relations stunt to “rehabilitate” Its image.

“TikTok is a Trojan horse for the Chinese Communist Party, and poses a security threat to all Americans who have the app on their devices,” said Sen. Josh Hawley (R., Mo.), the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary subcommittee on privacy and technology.

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