‘People Were Crying’: Ben Shapiro Talks Daily Wire Win Against Biden Admin Over Vax Mandate

Shapiro noted that some of the vaccine mandates were said to have been put into place to help “stop the spread” of COVID, but highlighted that it’s now known that the vaccines do not stop infection.

“Well, this is one of the big problems here,” the Daily Wire founder explained. “The vaccines are not preventing infection. They’re preventing hospitalization and death, and that’s wonderful and that’s important, but they’re not preventing infection, which means a lot of the vax mandates don’t in fact achieve their stated purpose.”

“And what the government was threatening to do was to put businesses completely underground,” Shapiro explained, “destroy the businesses if you didn’t force your employees to vax or regularly test and mask. We weren’t willing to do that at The Daily Wire.”

When the decision came down, Shapiro said, some employees in the Daily Wire Nashville office broke down in tears, knowing their jobs were finally safe.

“Our Daily Wire officers in Nashville, people were crying when they watched the decision coming down,” he revealed, “because people thought they’d lose their jobs over this. And they weren’t alone; there were tens of millions of people across the country who felt that same way.”

Shapiro added that it’s “worth noting” that the decision would have likely gone the other way had it not been for former President Donald Trump’s appointments to the Supreme Court.

“By the way, it’s worth noting here, if not for the fact that President Trump was able to appoint three justices, no question that the administrative state would do whatever the hell it would want in this country,” the “Right Side of History” author said.

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