Pennsylvania plans 54 EV charging stations.

Pennsylvania ‍is set to receive a boost in its electric vehicle (EV) ⁣charging infrastructure with the allocation of $33.8 million in ⁣federal funding from the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) fund. This funding will support‍ 54 EV charging station projects across 35 counties in the state.

These projects ⁣will provide a⁤ total of 216 charging ports, with an average cost of $156,000 per port. The locations ‍of the projects are listed below.

The‍ funding comes from‍ the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law signed by President Joe Biden ⁤in November 2021, which allocated $7.5 billion to states⁢ for improving EV charging accessibility.⁣ Pennsylvania will receive nearly ​$172 million ​in‌ NEVI‍ funding over five years from this allocation, ⁢according to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT).

The grant awards for the 54 projects are conditional, requiring recipients to ‌meet certain ‌legal⁤ requirements, ⁣including securing​ Site Host Agreements and completing an environmental review. The earliest‍ start date for some projects is expected to be late⁣ 2023.

“Our team ⁣has worked diligently to meet the federal NEVI requirements while ensuring a fair distribution of ​opportunities among ​different‍ companies and communities,” said PennDOT ‍Secretary Mike​ Carroll.

“Thanks to Governor ⁣ [Josh] Shapiro’s ⁣leadership ‌and commitment to⁤ the people ⁣of Pennsylvania, we are one of the ⁢first states to distribute these funds, which​ will provide travelers with more‍ options and‍ confidence while also ⁢benefiting our environment. These investments⁤ will create well-paying jobs ⁢and enable residents, businesses, and visitors to ‍travel ⁤across​ the state ‍faster, cleaner,⁢ and more reliably.”

Alternative Fuel Corridors

A key objective of the NEVI funds is⁤ to achieve a “full build-out” of the existing Alternative Fuel⁢ Corridors (AFCs) in Pennsylvania, as stated in a report by ‍PennDOT. All ​of the state’s interstates‍ are designated as AFCs and ⁢will be the primary focus for new infrastructure development in the initial years of the NEVI program.

PennDOT ‌is also beginning to assess⁢ the charging needs for ​Direct-current fast chargers (DCFCs) beyond the⁤ interstate​ system, with a particular emphasis on non-interstate corridors. The ‌aim is to stimulate EV ownership in smaller urban and​ rural areas​ across the state.

Out of the 54 projects, 22‍ will be located in or⁤ within half a mile of ⁣state or federally ‍designated disadvantaged communities.

Pennsylvania currently has over 1,800 miles of ⁢AFCs. Full build-out requires charging ⁣stations⁤ to be ⁣no more than ​50 miles ‍apart and within 1 mile of an AFC-marked interstate exit.

Among the grant recipients⁤ are seven Pennsylvania-based companies, including Wawa, Sheetz, Francis⁢ Energy⁢ PA, Alnajukchahat Store, LLC, Mirabito Holdings, Inc, 6406 Truck Plaza LLC, and​ Applegreen Electric ⁢PA LLC. National​ companies such as Tesla, Pilot ⁢Travel ​Centers, BP Products North America, Inc., ‌and Love’s Travel Stops and‌ Country ​Stores have also received funding.

PennDOT received a ⁢total of 271 funding applications and​ prioritized ‌projects that offer a⁢ range of amenities to⁤ enhance the‍ customer experience, while also considering factors⁤ such as accessibility and payment‌ options.

“Thanks to the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, we ​can strengthen and expand our electric vehicle charging infrastructure,” said U.S. ⁢Senator Bob Casey, a Democrat running for reelection. ‍”This funding will allow us to deploy ⁤electric⁢ vehicle charging stations ⁢across our Commonwealth, from cities to suburbs ⁣to rural areas, promoting ⁣energy security, creating jobs,⁢ and reducing⁤ our carbon footprint.”

The ⁤grant awards were announced‌ on⁤ Monday, Aug. 14,⁤ at the Scranton Electricians Apprenticeship Committee Training Center.

In Pennsylvania, all‍ electricians ⁢involved in the installation, operation, or ‌maintenance of EV supply equipment​ must have certification⁤ from the Electric​ Vehicle ‍Infrastructure Training Program or a graduation or ⁢continuing education​ certificate from a registered apprenticeship program. ⁤If multiple​ electricians are required, at least one must ‍meet⁢ these requirements, and at least one must be enrolled in an electrical registered apprenticeship program.

The NEVI program under the​ Biden administration will include multiple ⁣rounds of funding,​ with an additional $20 million ⁣set to be announced in the fall.

Project Locations

Here are the⁣ locations of the future EV charging‌ stations in Pennsylvania, pending​ contract finalizations:

Allegheny County

Sheetz, Inc.: ⁣$684,088 for a charging station at the Sheetz ​in ⁢Sewickey (I-79, Exit ‍68)

Tesla,‌ Inc.: $231,786 for a charging station at the GetGo in Monroeville (I-376, Exit 84 A-B)

Universal EV LLC: $384,880 for a charging‌ station at the Comfort Suites in Coraopolis (I-376, Exit 58)

Beaver County

Francis Energy PA, LLC: $739,821​ for ‌a​ charging station at the Chippewa Center⁤ in Beaver Falls (I-376, Exit 31)

Bedford County

Tesla, Inc: $254,826 for a charging station at the ⁣Tesla Charging Hub in ​Breezewood; (I-70, Exit 147)

Berks ⁢County

Electrify America, ⁢LLC: $741,290 for a ⁣charging station at the Sheetz in Bethel‍ (I-78, Exit 13)

Blair County

Electrify America, LLC: $790,703 for a charging‍ station at the ⁣Sheetz in Tyrone ‌(I-99, Exit 48)

Sheetz, Inc: ‍$691,197 for a charging station at the Sheetz in Altoona (I-99, ‌Exit 32)

Bucks County

ChargePoint, Inc: $944,383 for a charging station at the McDonald’s in Penndel (I-295, Exit 3)

Wawa, Inc.: $708,221 for a ​charging ⁢station at the Wawa in Bristol (I-95, ‌Exit 42)

Butler⁣ County

Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores: $634,756 for a charging ⁢station⁣ at​ the Love’s Travel Stop in Slippery Rock (I-79, Exit 105)

Centre​ County

TA Operating LLC: $1.1 million for​ a charging station at the TravelCenters of America in Milesburg (I-80, Exit⁢ 158)

Clearfield County

Blink Network LLC: $529,988⁤ for ‌a charging‍ station at‍ the Kwik Fill in Kylertown (I-80, Exit 133)

Clinton County

Pilot Travel Centers LLC: $812,990 for a charging ‌station at the Flying J Travel Center ​in Mill Hall​ (I-80,​ Exit ​173)

Columbia County

Love’s Travel Stops⁣ and Country Stores: $676,935 for a charging station at ​the Love’s Travel Stop in Mifflinville (I-80,​ Exit 242)

Crawford County

Tesla, ⁤Inc: $211,165 for a charging station at the Giant​ Eagle in Meadville (I-79, Exit 147 A-B)

Cumberland County

Francis Energy PA, LLC: $738,937 ‍for a ⁢charging station at the Sheetz in Carlisle (I-81, ⁤Exit 44)

Tesla, Inc: $256,626 for a​ charging station at the ⁤Wawa in Summerdale (I-81, Exit 65A)

Dauphin County

Electrify America, LLC: $775,804 for a charging station at the Sheetz in Harrisburg (I-83, Exit 45)

Sheetz, ‌Inc: ‍$163,838 ⁤for a charging⁤ station ⁤at ‌the Sheetz⁢ in Harrisburg (I-81, Exit‍ 77)

Delaware County

Tesla,⁢ Inc: $253,826 for‌ a charging​ station at the Royal Farms in Aston (I-95, Exit 2)

Tesla, Inc: $211,165 for a charging station⁤ at the Wawa ⁢in Woodlyn ⁣(I-476, Exit 1)

Erie County

TA Operating​ LLC: $1.1 million for ‍a charging station at the TravelCenters of‌ America in Erie (I-90,‍ Exit 35)

Franklin County

Francis Energy PA, ​LLC:⁢ $793,457 for a charging station ‌at Chambersburg Square​ in Chambersburg ⁢(I-81, Exit 17)

TA Operating LLC: $1.1 million for a charging station at the TravelCenters of America in Greencastle⁤ (I-81,⁢ Exit 5)

Greene⁣ County

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