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Pennsylvania DCNR shuts down cherished Legacy Golf Course, reverts to grassland.

Pennsylvania Governor ⁣Shuts Down Beloved Golf Course Despite⁢ Pleas from Golfers

In a disappointing move, Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro’s administration has decided to close the cherished South Mountain Golf Course in the Michaux State ⁣Forest, disregarding ⁣the appeals from passionate golfers who wanted to keep it open.

Owned by the state ⁢Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR), the South Mountain Golf Course is operated ⁣by David George under a concession⁣ lease. This well-maintained nine-hole course is a popular venue for fundraising tournaments, offering affordable green ‌fees of $32 for an 18-hole ‍round with a cart. In comparison, the nearby Penn National Golf Club charges ⁤a steep $99 for a ⁣weekend round with a cart.

The George family has been leasing the land for over half‌ a century, signing 10-year leases. However, in August, Mr. George received a letter from Roy ⁢Brubaker, the District Forester of the DCNR Bureau of Forestry, stating that the lease would not be renewed in 2025 due to increasing recreational demands on the state forest. The letter explained that the‌ state plans to focus on activities unique to the Michaux, such as hiking trails, historical site interpretation, outdoor education, and ‍habitat restoration.

Wesley Robinson, the DCNR Press Secretary, revealed that the primary reason for ending the lease is to facilitate habitat restoration work and potentially build a visitors’ center in place of ⁢the golf ​course.

The DCNR will be hosting a public meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 18 at 5 p.m. at the ‍South Mountain Fish and Game Club ⁣to discuss alternative⁣ uses for the land. However, it is clear that the golf course will not be retained.

A Rich History

The South Mountain Golf Course has a significant place in local history. Originally ‌designed in 1921 by doctors from the nearby South ‌Mountain Sanatorium as a therapeutic⁣ recreation area, the course served as a form of golf therapy‍ for residents. Over the ⁣years,⁢ additional holes were added, and the course became the property of the DCNR in 1964. Since then, it has been operated ⁣by various groups, offering affordable rates and attracting a loyal following.

Barbara‍ Fox, an employee at the South Mountain Golf‌ Course, expressed her disappointment, stating, “We’re a very moderately priced ⁣course—a lot of the country‌ clubs have been driving their ‍participants ‌out​ of the market. We are a very walkable course.”

The closure ‌of the golf course has sparked ⁢outrage among the community, with‌ over 1,000 signatures on a petition to keep it open. The Quincy Township Board of Supervisors has also joined⁢ the fight, opposing the DCNR’s decision and emphasizing the historical, environmental, and recreational value of ⁣the course to the township.

Despite efforts to appeal to⁢ Governor Shapiro’s ‌office, the golf course was informed that the⁣ closure is ‍a local matter and was made internally and administratively.

It is disheartening to see the South Mountain Golf Course, with its rich history and affordable rates, being shut down. The ​closure will undoubtedly ‌have a negative impact on the community, which is already lacking in recreational opportunities. ⁢Let us hope that alternative solutions can⁢ be found‌ to preserve this beloved⁤ golf course.

What measures could‍ have been taken to strike a balance between golfing activities and habitat restoration⁤ in the Michaux State Forest?

⁢ Bitat restoration and ‍enhance the overall recreational ‍experience ​for visitors in the Michaux State Forest. He emphasized the​ need to strike⁤ a⁢ balance ​between different recreational activities and natural⁤ resource ‍conservation.

However, this decision⁤ has faced strong opposition from the golfing community.‍ Local golfers,⁢ who have been enjoying the South Mountain Golf Course for ‌decades, argue⁣ that it ​is‍ an integral part of the community‌ and provides affordable and accessible golfing‌ options for enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. They believe that the closure of ‍the course would not only deprive them of their beloved sport but also have a negative impact on ​the local economy.

Golf ⁢courses are not​ just places for leisure and sport; they also serve as venues⁣ for social gatherings, business meetings, and charitable events. The ‍South Mountain Golf⁢ Course has been a popular destination for fundraising tournaments, generating revenue for various charitable causes in the region. Golfers are deeply disappointed that​ they will no longer have this venue to⁣ support and contribute to their local community.

Despite the pleas from golfers, the administration has remained firm on‍ its decision. Governor Shapiro ⁣has defended the closure, ⁤stating that the state⁢ has a responsibility to⁣ preserve and protect its natural resources. He reiterated that ⁤the decision was made after careful consideration of ‍various factors, including the increased demands ‌on the state forest ​and the need for habitat ‌restoration.

The closure of the South⁣ Mountain Golf Course serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by public lands and the delicate balance between accommodating different recreational activities and preserving natural resources. While it is ‍understandable that the​ state wants to prioritize activities that are unique to the ‌Michaux State Forest, it is also crucial⁤ to recognize the value that golf courses bring to​ the community and local economy.

Perhaps⁤ there ‌could have been a compromise, such as reducing the‌ course size or implementing conservation measures to mitigate any potential environmental impact. The closure of⁤ the entire golf course seems like a drastic step ​that disregards ⁣the input and desires of ​the local golfing community.

In conclusion, the closure⁤ of the South Mountain Golf Course in the Michaux State Forest has‌ disappointed and upset many golfers who cherished this course. Despite their pleas, the ⁤administration remained adamant on⁤ its decision, prioritizing​ habitat restoration and other activities unique to the forest. While it is‌ essential to preserve natural resources,‌ it is also crucial to consider the needs and desires of the local community. It remains to be seen how​ this decision will impact the golfing community‍ and the overall recreational landscape in Pennsylvania.

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