Parents speak up after daughter dies from ‘chroming’ – a concerning social media trend.

Parents Speak Out After Teen Daughter Dies from ‘Chroming’ – Latest Alarming Social Media Trend

“She was amazing,” Andrea Haynes said. “She was beautiful, she was cheeky but she just had the most fullest heart.”

Esra Haynes, a 13-year-old from Melbourne, Australia, tragically lost her life after trying the latest social media trend. On March 31, Esra was at a sleepover when she entered cardiac arrest. Her friends initially thought she was having a panic attack, but her body was actually beginning to shut down. Esra had allegedly been “chroming” before the incident. Chroming involves huffing aerosol deodorant for a high and has been popularized by social media.

Esra was rushed to the emergency room, and her parents were hopeful that she would recover. However, after being placed on life support for eight days, her parents made the tough decision to let her go when they learned that Esra’s brain was “damaged beyond repair.”

“We cuddled her until the end,” Paul Haynes, Esra’s father told “A Current Affair.”

Esra’s parents want to make sure that other children do not make the same mistake. They advocate for every school to teach its students CPR, which they believe could have saved their daughter’s life. They also want aerosol manufacturers to take action accordingly and change the formulation or the propellants. Paul Haynes believes that social media is a big part of the problem because it’s so accessible.

Esra was the youngest of four siblings. She loved music and sports and had just been named co-captain of her team. Her parents describe her as amazing, beautiful, and cheeky with the fullest heart.

What Can We Learn from This Tragedy?

  • Parents should educate their children about the dangers of social media trends.
  • Schools should teach students CPR.
  • Aerosol manufacturers should take action to prevent chroming.
  • Social media can be dangerous and accessible, so parents should monitor their children’s online activity.

Esra’s parents want to turn their tragedy into a crusade to prevent other families from experiencing the same loss. Let’s honor Esra’s memory by spreading awareness about the dangers of social media trends and taking action to prevent them.

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