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‘Yellowstone’ Premiere Fills Time Slot, Draws 6.6 Million Viewers

Paramount ‌Plays 5-Year-Old ⁣’Yellowstone’ Premiere‍ to Fill a Time ⁣Slot, ⁤Garners Whopping 6.6 Million Viewers

After five ⁤years, the highly acclaimed series “Yellowstone”⁤ made its ‌triumphant return to television screens this past weekend.

The pilot episode, originally aired on Paramount Network ‌in June 2018, made its second broadcast⁤ run on CBS, attracting ⁢a staggering⁢ 6.6 million‍ viewers for its premiere on September 17, ⁤according to ‍ NextTV.

The episode’s success can be largely attributed⁢ to the 56th ⁢season premiere of “60 Minutes,” which featured an exclusive interview ⁢with ‌Ukrainian ​President ⁣Volodymyr Zelenskyy. ​This prime-time news show drew‌ in⁢ a massive‌ audience⁢ of 11.4 million⁤ viewers just before “Yellowstone” aired.

Considering ⁣that the same episode‍ only attracted 2.8 ‍million viewers during its original premiere, the current ⁤6.6 million views are quite impressive. It seems that audiences have discovered the series and are captivated by‌ showrunner⁢ Taylor Sheridan’s ⁤storytelling.

Paramount, the‍ entertainment conglomerate behind‌ “Yellowstone,” is ⁢also thrilled with the show’s success. They‍ strategically​ moved the modern-day Western to CBS’s Sunday-evening time slot to fill the ‌void left ‍by the ongoing Hollywood strike, which has resulted ​in⁢ a scarcity of new TV ‍content.

With the strike causing‍ delays in writing and production, broadcasting networks are heavily relying on⁤ reruns and unscripted programs, such as game shows, reality⁢ TV, and ⁤live sports, to ⁣entertain their⁣ audiences, as reported by Axios ​in July.

The strike, initiated by the Writers Guild of America screenwriters⁤ in May, ‌is still ongoing as ⁣negotiations between studio‌ executives and ⁣Hollywood creatives continue. However, a resolution is currently ‌being finalized.

Despite the⁣ lack of new TV content, Paramount remains ⁤unfazed this fall, as they have ⁤46 more episodes of “Yellowstone” reruns ready to air.​ The plan is ⁤to broadcast two episodes every Sunday from ⁣8-10 p.m. ⁣ET on‍ the CBS channel, starting September⁣ 24. If the‍ network sticks to ​this schedule, the reruns will​ continue until the end‌ of February 2024.

“Yellowstone” has yet to complete its fifth‌ season,‍ with‍ the second half‌ expected to be released⁤ next year after the strike concludes. Filming for the show’s⁤ final season has been put on hold ⁢until⁣ then.

About “Yellowstone”

Written ‌by showrunner Taylor ⁣Sheridan,​ “Yellowstone” follows ⁤the story ⁣of John‌ Dutton (played ​by Kevin ⁣Costner) and his family as they protect their Montana ranch from ⁢external threats.

This long-form drama series has received praise from both⁢ critics⁤ and ⁢audiences, particularly for its nonpartisan politics that appeal ​to both​ liberals and conservatives.

If you‍ haven’t experienced ‍the hype surrounding⁤ “Yellowstone” yet, tune in to CBS this Sunday⁣ at 8 ​p.m. Eastern Time⁢ for ⁢the second and third episodes. Subsequent ‍reruns will continue in the same time slot for the​ next five months.

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