Oversight Committee seeks complete file on Bidens’ foreign business dealings from NARA.

Republican House Oversight⁢ Committee Chairman Probes Alleged Collusion Between Biden and Ukrainian Energy Firm

Republican House Oversight Committee Chairman James ⁢Comer is investigating‍ a case ‌of apparent “collusion” between then-Vice⁤ President Joe⁢ Biden and Ukrainian energy firm Burisma. The company employed Hunter Biden and allegedly worked with Biden to ​manipulate media‍ stories ⁣about Burisma’s corruption while⁢ Biden publicly advocated for anti-corruption measures in Ukraine.

Demands ⁢for Disclosure of Documents

In a letter to the National Archives and Records ‌Administration ​(NARA), Comer demanded the foreign business dealings from NARA.”>agency release documents related to the Biden‍ family’s influence-peddling schemes to Congress. While NARA ⁢has made ‍a file titled “Records ‍on ‍Hunter Biden, James ⁢Biden, and Their Foreign Business Dealings” public, certain sections have been redacted or withheld. Comer ⁣emphasized the ‌need for the complete, unredacted file ​and highlighted a specific portion that requires further investigation.

“For example, on December ‍4, 2015, at 10:45 a.m. — in an ‌email with the subject of⁣ ‘Quotes’ — Eric​ Schwerin (a longtime‍ Biden family business associate) wrote to Kate ‌Bedingfield in the Office of​ the Vice ⁣President ⁢providing quotes the White ⁢House should use in response to media outreach regarding Hunter Biden’s ‍role ‌in Burisma,⁣ a Ukrainian energy company,” Comer ⁢wrote. “Later‍ that day — at 2:30 p.m. — Ms. Bedingfield responded to Mr. Schwerin saying ‘VP ‍signed off on this[.]’ The timing of ‌this‍ email traffic is​ concerning to the Committee.”

During that time, Hunter⁤ Biden served on the‌ board of Burisma, ‍earning ‌a monthly salary ‍of‍ $83,000 despite lacking prior experience in the industry. ​This payout far⁢ exceeded typical board compensation.

Comer also referenced⁢ former family business partner Devon Archer’s testimony to the Oversight ​Committee,⁤ which suggested that President Biden himself was ​closely involved in Hunter Biden’s Burisma schemes.

Contrary to President Biden’s denials,⁢ evidence suggests that he interacted with his son’s corporate clients‍ on more than 200 occasions.

“Joe ‌Biden never built an‌ ‘absolute wall’ between his family’s business dealings‌ and⁢ his⁤ official government ‌work — his ​office ‍doors were wide open ‍to Hunter ‍Biden’s associates,” Comer stated.

Comer’s ​demand for ‍disclosure follows his previous request for flight logs showing when Hunter Biden and his associates ‌used the vice presidential aircraft. Additionally, he sought records in which then-Vice⁢ President ​Joe Biden used a pseudonym or on which Hunter Biden, Eric⁢ Schwerin,‍ or Devon Archer were copied.

Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has indicated that he would push ⁤for an impeachment inquiry if the requested information is withheld.

Since then, McCarthy has ⁣reportedly been discussing plans for impeachment behind closed doors.

Tristan Justice ​is the western correspondent⁤ for‌ The Federalist and the author‍ of Social⁤ Justice Redux,​ a conservative newsletter‌ on culture,‍ health, and wellness. He has‍ also written for ‍The⁢ Washington Examiner and The Daily Signal. ​His work has also ‌been featured in Real Clear Politics and Fox News. Tristan graduated from George Washington⁤ University​ where he⁣ majored in ‍political science and minored in journalism. Follow him on Twitter at @JusticeTristan or ⁤contact ‍him at [email protected]. ⁢Sign up for Tristan’s email newsletter here.

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