Over 2,000-Year-Old Human Remains, Evidence Of ‘Prehistoric Structure’ Found At Miami Construction Site


The site for a planned luxury condo tower in Miami became an archeological dig last April, and now archaeologists say they have found human remains and evidence of a “prehistoric” structure. 

Building regulations in Miami forced the real estate developer Related Group to check building sites for archeological finds before continuing with construction, The Wall Street Journal reported. In April of 2021, archeologists sent a “notice of discovery” to the city, allowing them to continue their excavation, and since then, have discovered 2,000-year-old human remains and “the footprint of a prehistoric structure.”

“One of the human remains was a cranium that was found almost 6 feet underground,” acting city archeologist Adrian Espinosa-Valdor said. “It was intentionally buried, perhaps ceremonial.” He also claimed the findings are evidence of a civilization that existed over 2,000 years ago called the Tequesta, a Native American tribe that was one of the first to settle in South Florida.

“The Tequesta civilization used to inhabit the mouth of the Miami River, which provided access by canoe west to the Everglades and east to Biscayne Bay and the barrier islands,” The Journal wrote. 

The discovery of the human remains could result in delays for developers as they seek to continue construction of the 75-story condo tower, but the company says they have not been delayed yet. Related Group released a statement on the archeological dig, writing that it has “a long history of collaborating with local officials to carefully excavate sites and preserve archaeological finds according to current laws and practices. This is not unusual for construction projects in this area and has not delayed our development plans.”

Human remains were also discovered last week in an Ohio garage. The Daily Wire reported that a man discovered a box of human bones in a neighbor’s garage, and police believe the remains were used in rituals over 100 years ago. 

“It’s one of the more bizarre cases in my 40-plus year history that we’ve ever stumbled across,” Mt. Healthy Police Chief Vincent Demasi told WLWT

The bones are believed to have belonged to a fraternity called the “Independent Order of Odd Fellows,” a group founded in 1819 and reportedly had “a large following” according to police. 

The Odd Fellows once met in the garage where the remains were found. Police reported that when the current owner of the garage moved in, he didn’t clean everything out but “stored material contained therein, including the box with human remains, in the garage he purchased here in Mt. Healthy.”

What’s even more bizarre is that investigators revealed that over 100 years ago, Ohio prisons would sell the unclaimed dead bodies of prisoners to the public. “My understanding is back in the late 1800s, early 1900s, that it was not unusual for unclaimed cadavers to be able to be purchased for various uses,” Demasi explained. Police believe this is how the “Odd Fellows” ended up with the remains, which they would use for rituals.

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