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UC Berkeley pays $210,000 to former Soros-supported prosecutor.

Former San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin ​Takes on New Role at UC​ Berkeley

Former San Francisco district attorney Chesa‌ Boudin has embarked ⁤on an⁢ exciting new​ journey as⁢ the ‌executive director of the ​Criminal Justice⁣ Center ⁢at the prestigious University of California,‌ Berkeley. With a salary of $210,000 per year, Boudin⁣ is⁤ set to ‌make a significant​ impact in the field of law.

Boudin, known​ for his progressive approach to prosecution, garnered support from billionaire megadonor George Soros during‍ his time in office. However, ⁤he faced ⁢criticism and was eventually recalled due to a rise in ​crime in⁢ San Francisco. Critics blamed his office’s decision to avoid prosecuting certain crimes and seek⁢ lighter sentences that did not ⁣involve jail time.

A Vision for ‍Change

In his statement upon his appointment, Boudin expressed his passion for reforming the‍ criminal justice system. Drawing from his personal experiences, ⁤including visiting ⁢his biological parents in prison and his work as a public defender and district ‍attorney, he emphasized the need for safer and ‍more ​equitable communities.

“Our system ⁣fails to⁤ keep ⁢communities safe and ⁣fails to treat them equitably,” Boudin stated. “I’m thrilled⁤ to join the nation’s premier public law school⁢ and engage with brilliant scholars and students ⁣to drive⁤ meaningful change‍ by elevating the lived ‍experience of those directly impacted.”

Boudin’s‌ parents, David Gilbert and ⁢Kathy Boudin, ⁢were⁤ convicted of murder in the 1980s for their involvement in the infamous 1981 Brink’s robbery, which resulted in the deaths of two New York police officers. They were‍ also members of the Weather ‍Underground, a domestic terrorist⁣ organization responsible for bombing several ‌federal buildings.

A New Chapter at UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley law school has ⁢entrusted Boudin with the responsibility of running the Criminal Justice Center,​ recognizing ⁤his expertise and dedication⁤ to reform. Documents ⁢obtained ​by ‍the College Fix reveal that Boudin will receive a‍ salary of⁤ $210,000 for this​ role.

UC⁣ Berkeley law⁤ school dean Erwin Chemerinsky expressed his confidence in Boudin’s abilities,⁤ stating that he was hired after an ​extensive nationwide search. Chemerinsky hopes that Boudin will establish a first-class center for‍ researching issues related to ‌the criminal‌ justice system.

Chesa Boudin’s transition to UC Berkeley marks an exciting new chapter in his career, where he can continue to make a⁢ difference and shape the future of criminal law and justice.

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