Oregon Legislature to Vote on Gun Control Measures Currently Before Court

Oregon Second Amendment supporters claim an attempt to impose fortified ballot Measure 114-style gun control through legislation is being made, bypassing the courts. Senate Bill 348 (SB 348) was voted out of the Oregon State Senate Judiciary Committee and sent to the legislature for further review by the Joint Ways and Means Committee. The committee received written testimony from hundreds of Oregonians opposing the law.

Approval of SB 348 will enhance some of the requirements of ballot Measure 114, approved by voters in November 2022 but currently tied up in the courts. The bill would require a fee for permits, which would be increased to $150 from $65, and the renewal fee would increase to $110 from $50.

It keeps the high-capacity magazine ban and the safety-course requirements. This confusion is over the addition of the 72-hour waiting period before the transfer of a firearm from a dealer to a buyer.

Measure 114 also requires state police to compile a firearms database. The legislation retains this obligation as well.

Gun rights advocates disapprove of the bill because, according to Kevin Starrett, Oregon Firearms Federation executive director, the magazine ban is retroactive to Dec. 8, 2022. Thus, those who are unable to demonstrate that they acquired their magazines before that date would be breaking the law. Magazines do not have distinguishing characteristics, so even if a person has a receipt, it might not be sufficient evidence.

Measure 114 passed in last November’s midterm election, and Gun Owners of America (GOA), the Gun Owner’s Foundation (GOF), Gliss Asmussen, and Joseph Arnold sued in Harney County Circuit Court on Dec. 2, 2022 to block the measure because it violates the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment.

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