Orange County Legislature seeks increased federal and state aid for flooded regions.

The Orange County Legislature Calls ⁤for Increased Assistance to Flooded Region

The Orange ‍County Legislature unanimously passed a resolution on Aug. 3, urging the federal and state government to provide additional support to the region affected by severe flooding. The resolution highlights⁤ the urgent need for assistance in the ‌wake of historic ‌rainfall that occurred ‌in early July.

During this unprecedented event, the west ⁣portion of the county, ⁤particularly the Highland Falls area, experienced extensive flooding. In just one day, the area​ received⁣ an astonishing nine inches of rain, causing significant damage and disruption to the local community.

As of Aug. 2, the county’s 311 helpline has received a staggering 1,350 calls from individuals seeking aid and support. The overwhelming ‍demand for assistance underscores the critical situation ⁣faced by the affected residents.

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